Jerry's Five Favorite Moments in the HALLOWEEN Series

I eat and breathe everything Halloween. The series is so special to me, that I hold it right up there with my kids and it's been such a massive part of my life since I was a child. I found a very special kinship with the character of Laurie Strode and by default, every other character in the series. When you love something though, you tend to be quite critical of entries that don't live up the series' potential and that's happened a decent amount of times (I can't even tolerate from 6-RZ's first film), but here at Ghastly, we like to focus on the positive, so I thought I'd focus on moments in the Halloween series that I've latched onto the most throughout the years. So, here are my FIVE FAVORITE MOMENTS IN THE HALLOWEEN SERIES. Warning: if you are the one person in America who HASN'T seen David Gordon Green's Halloween (2018), you're about to have stuff spoiled. 



I'm going to be completely transparent and honest here and say that holy smokes, do I get such a grim satisfaction from seeing Little Buddy Kupfer die in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. I get more excited about that scene that Daniel Challis gets excited for that 6-pack of beer he insists on bringing to his road trip with Ellie Grimbridge. Little Buddy embodies every bratty kid that you just want to sit down, put on Martyrs for and watch their lives go down a depressing path. It's not just the brattiness though, that scene just kills it (pun intended), with such awesome special effects and the balls to off a kid by having bugs and reptiles ooze out of eye sockets, and pour out of one of the coolest masks around. Some people chose to live their lives in a manner in which they robbed themselves of one of the best horror films around, solely because Michael Myers sat this one out, but hey, at least y'all love it now, so we're good. 



One of the fajillion things I adore about David Gordon Green's Halloween, is how it gives you so many excellent characters and makes you love them, all within such a small amount of time. I get bummed as hell every single time I see Dave hanging up ala Bob in the '78 film, and the same goes with two characters that quickly became two of my favorites in the series, podcasters Dana and Aaron (played by Rhian Rees and Jefferson Hall). Though I would have liked to have seen the deleted shower scene (in which Hall's Aaron scares Dana by wearing the Myers mask) and even more development of the two, what we DO get is plenty, making you as a viewer care about the two individuals, who only wanted to know WHY Michael did what he did and like Dr. Sartain (that steaming pile of crap of a human), Gordon Green lets us know that the WHY is irrelevant and in turn gives us, in this writer's opinion, one of the best death scenes in the entire series. 

While Aaron pumps gas at the station they're at, we see Myers pull up, get out of the vehicle and walk into the station and to where Rees' Dana character is about to take care of business in the restroom. The door opens, Myers comes in (wearing a newly acquired mechanic suit, thanks to a poor soul who now lays in his tighty-whities and a pool of blood), drops a bunch of teeth on the floor by Dana and begins to break down the stall door and drag her. Aaron runs in, hits Myers with a crowbar and then gets his head bashed into the stall and the wall and as Michael then kills Dana, Aaron slowly dies from his head wound, staring at the woman he loves being murdered in front of him, unable to do a single thing about it, due to his life draining from him. It's such an emotionally heavy scene to me and it's rare to get something like that in slasher film. You care about the characters and when Dana and Aaron die in it, it kind punches you right in the heart. 



Love it or hate (you're silly if you hate it), Halloween 5 has one of the most terrifying sequences around and doesn't get enough credit for its scary as all hell vibe that runs throughout the film (don't @ me with complaining about the bumbling cops, I can forgive them, but if you mention the machine gun ending, I feel ya). The scene I'm talking about in this one, is when Myers finally comes home and after his niece Jamie, killing a crazy amount of cops and setting up an altar of his victims, including an empty coffin intended for Jamie. While trying to escape her evil uncle (aren't we all), she gets into a laundry chute and falls all the way down, stuck inside, due to it being locked at the bottom. Faster that you can "Uncle...Boogeyman...", Michael heads downstairs, opens the bottom with his knife and begins to stab through the chute while Jamie fights tooth and nail to climb back up. The knife blade stabs so violently in the scene, that there are shots that just LOOK painful to see, like Jamie stepping on the blade as she climbs. 

It gives me the chills every single time I watch that scene and though it only gets crazier from there (Loomis taunting Michael with Jamie is insane), that sequence is SO effing scary, that I wanted to show it some love and stick it to you punk ass Halloween 5 haters. Say what you want about the film, at least Michael isn't knocking his niece up in this one (I'm looking at you, senior citizen doctor cult H6). Give Halloween 5 another chance and prepare to be scared shitless...or just find it mediocre and fight me instead. 



Seeing the ending of Halloween for the first time as a kid, I didn't sleep for almost a week, following the moment in which Loomis looks over the balcony and sees that The Shape, who he had put six bullets in mere seconds before, is nowhere to be found. It really showed us as an audience and in the words of Laurie, that Michael "was the boogeyman" and that pure evil escaped. The following shots of Loomis staring at the ground below, the various locations that The Shape had been and could very well be located in again, just sent the worst fears into a young Jerry and it's still a scene that gets to me over and over again.  



This scene. John Carpenter's Halloween is my favorite film of all time, but I'd be lying if I said this scene in Halloween 4 isn't my favorite moment in the entire series. It's brilliantly written, performed and absolutely knocks me for a loop when I watch it. 

After ten years of living with the fear of the return of the events of Halloween III, Doctor Loomis finds himself at a gas station and coming face to face with The Shape once again. Seeing The Shape stand there, Loomis looks at him and full on begs Michael to leave the people of Haddonfield alone and to take him instead. It's such a good scene and Donald Pleasence is so effective in it, you can FEEL the pain and misery of Loomis in it and though The Shape disregards the plea, it's a really spectacular moment. 

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