Horror Vet Thomas Dekker Releases "Into the Night"

You know, I know him, we all love him. Thomas Dekker has been dabbling in horror since childhood with his role in Village of the Damned, and that continued on by starring in films such A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Chromeskull 2: Laid to Rest, and even hanging with Elvira. Dekker immerses himself in the scene and it’s not just film. Dekker is also a musician and he’s a damn good one.

We’re excited to share the official press release for Dekker’s third album, Into the Night, a moody atmospheric album with range and diversity, it’s a little bit Carpenter and a little bit New Order but a whole lot of greatness. Check out the full details below and make sure to support Dekker in this incredible endeavor!

Thomas Dekker 

Proudly Presents

“Into the Night”

A Dream of Dark and Sensual Things

Los Angeles, CA 

For Immediate Release

“Into The Night”, Thomas Dekker’s third studio album is an eleven track journey into mystery, magic, desire and all things that live in the shadows.  Returning to his roots of solely electronic based production, the record evokes the sounds and moods of a bygone era and universe, specifically 1980s synth pop and genre film scores.  Drawing inspiration from the likes of John Carpenter, Depeche Mode, New Order, Goblin, Vangelis and Ryuichi Sakamoto, the album is a swirling collage of Dance, Electronica, Goth Rock, Synthwave and Experimental.

With “Into The Night”, Dekker creates a universe that is musically expansive while lyrically intimate.  On instrumentals like “Lightstorm”, “After the Smoke Clears” and “The Pink Cloud”, the listener is beckoned to wander the limits of their imagination, while tracks like “Boys in Eyeliner”, “Pale and Mine” and “Shadowman” provide direct and personal confessions from singer to audience.  Strongly based around a single mood and audio aesthetic, the record is a cohesive and immersive experience offering one dreamy revelation after another.  

Thomas Dekker began composing electronic music when he was fifteen, playing with soundscapes that range from Ambient to Industrial and beyond.  In 2008, he released the genre bending experimental album “Psyanotic” and in 2014, the Electro-Rock record “Equals Zero” under the moniker “Zero Times Zero”.  In 2012, he co wrote and performed the tracks “Ultraviolet” and “Half of Me” for the Catherine Hardwicke helmed “Plush” soundtrack alongside legendary record producer Nick Launay and co-scored the underground hit “Laid to Rest” and its sequel under the pseudonym “DeadBox” in 2009 and 2011, respectively.  He also co produced and performed on the soundtrack to his directorial debut feature “Jack Goes Home” in 2016.