HELLBOY Trailer Hits (It's Awesome); Who Else Would We Love to See From the Hellboy Universe?

We’re not going to make you wait for it. The Neil Marshall helmed, R rated, David Harbour starring Hellboy (hitting theaters April 2019) got it’s first full length trailer today and it looks like a ton of fun. So here’s that.

We are stoked. It’s pretty amazing that the same man who gave us Dog Soldiers and The Descent is tackling Big Red himself, who will now be the only director besides the infamous Guillermo Del Toro to bring the supernatural heavy hitter to life. While some of the tone of the new Hellboy seems similar to GDT’s version, that’s to be expected, as Mignola has always written Hellboy as a creature who enjoys his one liners and sarcasm. We see that we’re obviously getting another representation of Trevor Bruttenholm, this time played by a younger and wilier Ian McShane, but instead of the BPRD standouts of Abe and Liz, we’re instead getting some lesser known members of the Hellboy universe. Alice Monaghan, an Irish woman who has leftover faerie powers after being kidnapped by the Daoine Sidhe as a child, and the were-Jaguar Ben Daimio (also props to Ed Skrein for giving up that role when he realized the character was Japanese American.) Let’s take a quick look at some other characters we would love to see realized on the big screen.


Roger the Homunculus

Other than an Easter Egg appearance in Hellboy, Roger is a major player who has never been on-screen. Created from alchemy, Roger is an incredibly strong homunculus who, in spite of fits of outrage, is actually quite empathetic and thoughtful. Similar in many aspects to The Hulk, Roger had a lot of major plot points that fell upon him and his character and he was always a fun, deep cut supernatural character in the BPRD.


Kate Corrigan

Kate is one of the rare characters in the Hellboy expanded universe who doesn’t have any supernatural abilities. Kate has had a huge character arc in the comics, from a cursory character to a main player, and becoming an essential cog in the BPRD machine, from field ops to infrastructure. She has a massive knowledge of the occult and has also always been one of the more brash and brazen agents who can even put Hellboy into check when need be.


Daryl Tenon the Wendigo

Oh, boy. This is a rough one. Daryl is just a regular guy who didn’t want to be the monster he has become and is one of the Hellboy comics most tragic characters. Transformed but with just enough human spirit to realize he did not want to kill, he lost all will to live when he realized that his family had thought him dead and moved on. Appearing occasionally throughout the comics, Daryl always brings serious emotional stakes to a comic that’s literally about a superhero demon with a giant red arm busting up Nazi’s.


Hellboy is a comic that can often be heavy, dark, and glum. It’s characters very frequently run into death, are constantly staving off the apocalypse, must defeat Nazi’s left and right and the primary character is a demon king resisting his ultimate corruption. A villain like Herman von Klempt is proof positive that Mignola understood how to mix levity and seriousness. Yes, he’s a maniacal evil Nazi but he’s also one that mostly exists as a head in a jar and has even been known to cruise around on mechanical spider legs or in the arms of a primate. Against all odds, he is delightfully pulp.


Lobster Johnson

I fucking love Lobster Johnson. Completely created with a tongue-in-cheek, Lobster is a pulp comic book hero that Hellboy grew up with and idolized, taking down bad guys and burning his lobster claw into them as a warning to others. Since then, it’s been revealed that The Lobster was indeed a true agent of justice, albeit a violent one, and was taking down Nazi’s and their ilk before the BPRD and Hellboy came into the scene. His ghost has appeared numerous times as well, an incredibly powerful soul, and his solo series has been a great window into the mystery surrounding the character.