Review: SLAY BELLES Is A Jolt of Christmas Fun with a Beer Guzzling Santa and Trio of Fierce Women

This year has already graced us with Kurt Russell as Santa, but it just added a new gem with Barry Bostwick as the cheery man in the red suit. I never thought I’d see the day that this would happen but here we are. Truthfully, I had one hell of a time watching Bostwick as Santa too.

Slay Belles is the new Dread Central Presents movie directed by Spooky Dan Walker starring Kristina Klebe, Susan Slaughter, Hannah Wagner, and Barry Bostwick. The premise is an easy one to follow. After stopping at a dive bar and hearing how townsfolk are being picked off by a murderer, three women dressed up in scandalous Christmas costumes rebelliously trespass onto an abandoned Christmas themed amusement park to explore the property. Even though there is a killer on the loose, this doesn’t stop the girls from filming their YouTube show “Adventure Girls”. Lurking with their camcorders, the three are cornered by a demon-like animal with horns in a walk in freezer. A cell phone goes off and the creature goes after the girls, only to be stopped by the beer guzzling Barry Bostwick to tells the girls to run to the cottage as he beats the beast to the ground. In the cottage, everything unfolds into this magical Christmas poinsettia. Bostwick reveals he is Santa and the creature is Krampus, his nemesis. The girls and Santa have to join forces to stop Krampus and save Christmas.

I was afraid for what I was going to see. The beginning of the movie wasn’t really selling anything for me, and I was afraid it was going to be an overly sexualized female horror comedy. However, as I kept watching I had a blast with it. I laughed a whole bunch at this and I truly think it’s a fun Christmas movie! Sure it had its moments but for a budget there is a gasp worthy twist towards the end that I will not bring up because you have to watch it to know it.

My favorite thing about Slay Belles is the women. They are fierce and they fully encompass the title of the movie in their attitudes. They do not and will not hold back and will do whatever it takes to bring Krampus down, even if it means partially sacrificing themselves as bait. I loved all their performances but found myself relating to Kristina Klebe’s character, Alexi, the most. If I was like any of the girls it would be her. She was the voice of reasoning between the three and I couldn’t help but think how I would be like her preparing for what they were getting into from the beginning. Honestly though, I truly loved all of these women and their sassy temperaments. The halls aren’t the only thing these feisty women are decking.

Slay Belles is the comedy horror version of The Powerpuff Girls with all the Christmas spirit. There aren’t too many times when you’ll hear Santa say “you’re fucking my shit up.”, see him guzzling down some beers instead of milk, and fighting off Krampus, but you’ll get that all and more if you see Slay Belles. It is worth the watch to jumpstart your holiday season with a few laughs.

Slay Belles is available on December 4th in select theatres, on blu-ray/dvd and VOD from Epic Pictures and Dread Central Presents!