Indie Horror PSYCHOTIC Is A Throwback To 70's Giallo And 80's Slashers

For every time we get something like Get Out or It, we get something a little less mainstream, films like The Ritual or The Babysitter. Then, for everyone of those, we get some true indie horror and it's in the streets of independent genre that we can sometimes wander across a gem. Look no further than Psychotic from Derek Gibbons and Maxwell Frey.

The two have created production studio Destruction Inc., after years of working together at The Onion, HBO and Cinemax, the duo decided to branch out and try to push their creative outlet into an area of cinema they both love: horror. Psychotic takes place in their hometown of Bushwick, Brooklyn and is a psychedelic curveball throwing thriller with Italian giallo and American 80's slashers in mind. Check out the trailer below and find the film now on VOD. SUPPORT INDIE HORROR!

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