Blumhouse Teases Huge News for FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S!

It's finally happening! Scott Cawthon's video game sensation Five Nights at Freddy's is being brought to the screen through Blumhouse, but the most exciting part was just revealed via Deadline: Chris Columbus, genius behind such films like Gremlins and Home Alone has just signed on to write, direct, and produce!


Five Nights at Freddy's is, in essence, a puzzle game casting you as a security guard as he is tasked with watching over an abandoned Chuck E. Cheese/Showbiz Pizza-like establishment, where its rumored that The Rock-afire Explosion style animatronic puppet band moves on their own at night. It's a long tense build up to what ultimately is an elaborate jump scare, but god damnit if the game isn't effective. It adds a healthy sense of childhood nostalgia to boot for millenials like myself who grew up, and were subsequently terrified, by the puppet band phenom of the early 90s. I never went to Chuck E. Cheese for the EXPRESS reason of feeling the dead, mechanical eyes had ulterior motives. 


In the guiding hands of Chris Columbus, with the creative freedom that a studio like Blumhouse affords, Five Nights is destined to rise above it's video game origins. While video game-to-movie adaptations in the past have attempted to streamline the large narratives games require to tell their story (and keep users playing for hours on end), or force a narrative on to games that were supposed to be about two heroic plumbers, Five Nights finds itself in a unique position. The story is barebones, a security guard and killer robots, but the brand is strong. So long as Freddy Fazbear, the titular antagonist, looks like the bear we all know and love fans will be happy. The games aren't played for their narrative strength or house deeper artistic merits like Silent Hill or The Last of Us, they work best on atmosphere, imagery, tension, and release.

Yo, calling it now though: large swaths of horror fans are going to fucking hate this movie because it's a horror property that has largely been received by younger audiences that may not know the difference between Romero and Martino. A property that they may deem as childish millenial trash, just how they already decry the Five Nights media franchise the first game has spawned. 

But if you ever ate in front of a faux-live band made up of life size robot animals, you know you've had a nightmare like Five Nights at Freddy's. The question is: are you still afraid?