Breaking! Slow News Day Leads To Blown Out Of Proportions Halloween News!

In the world of slow news days, no one does 'em better than online horror journalism. We've all seen it before, a writer will take a nugget of truth and stretch it out so far from the source that the story is more the story. Less than six months ago we saw that Bloody Disgusting had an "exclusive" that Rob Zombie was making a long desired sequel to his masterpiece The Devils Rejects, news that had already been teased for well over a year over on (RIP). Horror Freak News, another popular online horror rag went a step further by intimating that John Carpenter went on an "ugly rant" about Jordan Peele's stunning debut Get Out. Things got so heated because of this that it made its way back up to the King himself who had to make a statement. Pretty fucking shameful, if you ask me. 

But this is how the web of online journalism works, right? When news is slow, people look for and draft up articles specifically for those sweet, sweet clicks. There is clearly very little money in web journalism, especially with a specificity like the horror film which makes the market, and in turn the competition, more cutthroat. And once again, I get it. An Adam Green and Joe Lynchs podcast, The Movie Crypt, both have talked openly and critically about the industry we work in, only to find it being touted as news the next day without little thought to if it is news. When Green mentioned in 2015 a daydream he had about the then unproduced Hatchet 4, it was headlines on Bloody Disgusting the next day, despite being nothing more than a verbalization of long forgotten idea. In this new generation, we crave every little bit of information we can glean from the internet about the best, craziest, coolest upcoming thing without thinking about if we need to know everything.

For instance: we don't need a news article that says "Breaking: Jamie Lee Curtis goes full Dirty Harry In Halloweenbecause it was mentioned on the Shock Waves podcast that the actress was taking to the gun range in preparation for her return as Final Girl Laurie Strode. This type of reporting is what we are striving not to do with Ghastly Grinning because it offers zero dialogue and frankly, isn't really news. But we see time and again ways that crumbs like this  are repackaged and repurposed for nothing more than online traffic. Which once again we get. But the truth that we hold self evident here at GG is that we came into this through passion and drive and knowing that the content and news we want to share isn't hinged on the monetary compensation. Would it be great to be paid? Duh. Should we allow that to dictate the quality and integrity of our content? Nope.

Look, our little pocket of the industry isn't reporting on the extremely important stories that are happening all around us in 2018, and despite being a horror entertainment news source, we understand that we don't live in a time where we are afforded to not talk about whats going on and to not hold ourselves to higher journalistic standards. We're not The Wall Street Journal, but shouldn't we strive for the same integrity? I think so. Do you?

Op-EdJacob Trussell