ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING Reveals Beautiful Full Poster Design

Listen. If I had to pick a favorite in horror it would be slashers. Whoops, sorry. This movie is not a slasher. 


If I had to pick a follow up, holiday themes and anthologies are literally on the top of that list. So when you combine those two, HOLY SHIT, I am so excited. All The Creatures Were Stirring is a Christmas themed anthology horror flick set to drop later this year and we have, like, a billion reasons to be excited about it.

Reason the first. Doctor Rebekah McKendry is writing and directing alongside her husband, David McKendry. If you are unfamiliar with Rebekah, her list of accolades is stunning. She's a titan in the industry, having worked for formidable genre giants Fangoria and Blumouse, and recently wrote (again alongside her husband David) an entry in a Hellraiser comic. She was a longtime host of the Killer POV podcast and is currently a cohost of the Shock Waves podcast.

Second, the cast is stellar. Horror veteran Brea Grant is starring which is already guaranteed fun. Constance Wu is also set to star, who can be seen in Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off The Boat (as well as an episode of Hulu anthology Dimension 404), and she's an insanely talented up and comer. Also set to star are Amanda Fuller (Red, White and Blue), Chase Williamson (Victor Crowley, John Dies At The End), Jocelin Donahue (The House of the DevilInsidious: Chapter 2) and a stacked roster of fantastic actors. 

Third. Look at this poster by Devon Whitehead. 


That is GORGEOUS. Devon is the lead designer for Cavity Colors, one of the most passionate and spectacular horror apparel sites around. (Check it out here!)

Not too much is known about the plot but we do know the wraparound will focus on a couple that stumbles into a theater that is showing a string of films about winter wonderland horror.

Everything certainly looks mighty merry for All The Creatures Were Stirring, which is due to hit later this year. We'll be sure to keep you updated as it's definitely one of our new most anticipated films of 2018.