RECAPITATION: The X-Files Sn. 11 Ep. 6 "Kitten"

I really thought The X-Files was over after this episode. It’s not, they took a lengthy Olympics Break and will be returning on the 28th with an all new episode “Rm9sbG93ZXJz” (don’t look at me, I just copy-and-pasted the spelling from Wikipedia). But without further ado, check out a better late than never RECAPITATION! Of The X-Files episode Kitten.

It comes as no surprise to me that the best hour of tv x files have given us this season is from a a new writer and director. The X-Files has struggled in recent years with feeling increasingly outmoded as each new conspiracy theory becomes more and more debunked or seen for what they are: absolute bullshit. The problem is though, Chris Carter likes to talk about that bullshit, so much so, that he may have started believing it. But we’ll get back to that. Why?

Because: I’m all here for Haley Joel Osment-assaince

Mitch Pileggi in this episode also proves that he is the true emblematic hero that The X-Files always deserved, but never really got, but it’s truly’s work here in the dual father-son roles of John/Davey James, Skinner’s old Vietnam buddy who, after being doused with MK-NAOMI (a cousin of the well documented MK-Ultra the, at times illegal, “CIA Mind Control” program), sees monsters around him leading to the vicious brutal death of a group of Vietnamese civilians. This changes John from a meek Draftee to a stone cold gleeful killer, haunting Skinner for years. Though, after receiving a dessicated ear in the mail, Skinner goes AWOL from his job to find John and get him the help he needs. Of course this being The X-Files, it’s all too little too late and of course we discover that the leak of MK-Naomi was actually a government plot to test a new weapon on their own soldiers, resulting in them being locked up in a mental institution right outside of town. And now those effected from the war that are out? Welp, they are mysteriously disappearing by some fancy Vietnam War-era booby traps out in the forest.
Oh! Did I forget to mention that people in town are also reporting sightings of a “monster” in the woods? Well, there’s that too.

Ok, so what do we have:

  1. Government is running secrets tests on people? Check.

  2. Crazy Monsters? Check.

  3. Severed ears and dead bodies? Check, and check.

  4. Skinner talking all grizzled about how much he loves Mulder and Scully? BIG check.

Will you look at that! I just got The X-Files bingo!

Joking aside, the episode is tighten and engaging primarily to Haley Joel Osment’s portrayal of Davey and John. Both have very clear characteristics that separate them, despite the gimmick of the two of them looking exactly alike (while they luckily didn’t try to age down Mitch Pillegi for the opening flashbacks). We’ve known since HJO was eleven years old that he had undeniable talent. And while he dipped out of the limelight to focus on himself, this reemergence of HJO is so exciting because that undeniable talent has grown and morphed and while he clearly isn’t the eleven year old fresh faced boy we all remember, the unquestionable talents that he has are still there beneath his gigantic beard growing skills and the extra weight. HJO may not look like your typical Hollywood actor, but my god I need to see this man in more things. We all talked about how he deserved an Oscar for The Sixth Sense and guess what...he still deserves that fucking Oscar.

But, to get back to Chris Carter and his “theories”, what is with this tag at the end, repeating Osments lines about how the government can control us by exposing us to a chemical agent, shots of crop dusters leaving trails of white smoke in their wake evoking the age old conspiracy theory of “chem trails”. It’s shit like this that makes me wonder, deep down, how much Chris Carter really loves InfoWars. Enough to create an entire an antihero character in Joel McHale last season, a proxy for Alex Jones if his supplements did what they say they do, and now here. Look, I’m a Want to Believer. I’ll rationalize the shit out of the Loch Ness Monster! But this? This feels, and I can’t believe I’m saying this about this show, as if it’s pushing a flawed belief system that in this day and age has the potentiality of unwelcome outcomes. Or, simply put, sensationalize better conspiracy theories!

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