RECAPITATION! Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 Premiere

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It’s felt like a lifetime since we had a chance to spend some time with Ashley Williams and company. Season three has been kept in a rather transparent limbo originally being slated for its typical Halloween drop, Ash Vs Evil Dead was pushed to February 25th much to the bemoans of fans. Having it’s release pushed was disappointing, but in a time when all horror shows struggle to capture the top position in the spookiest month, moving it to the end of winter is wonderful. Why? Because there isn’t much out right now that really captures the Halloween spirit we all crave year round like the premiere episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead.

And look, when I say Halloween spirit I don’t mean that this episode will look like its straight from a sequel to Hocus Pocus but more it does what the franchise does best: absolute, unbridled fun. Ash Williams has defeated the legions of Deadites from his little locale of Elk Grove, gaining huge local celebrity, and what is he to do? Open the Combination Hardware Store and Sex Shop of his dreams of course! Which gives us my favorite attention to detail sight gag of the episode: Ash Williams Hardware is simply just an abandoned Sherwin Williams with Ash’s name covering the first half of the sign. Mad respect, because I find that hysterical.

But all that comes to a halt when, you guessed it, someone accidentally reads from the Necronomicon and unleashes Deadites on Small Town USA once again. This time on a Antiques Roadshow-style program, the Deadite Massacre broadcast live all unbeknownst to Ash who is getting his drank on and celebrating the grand opening of his store. Also unbeknownst to him iis that he has a daughter, who just so happens to be in ground zero of the Deadite return. Along the way we get glimpses of Ruby who is hunting for the Necronomicon, natch, Pablo who is still chilling with El Hefe, and Kelly who we see kicking ass, also natch, but also running with a guy who is a member of The Knights of Sumaria. Rumor has it that we might, juuuuust might, get a little long overdue Army of Darkness crossover this season and if so: Mad Max Bro is gonna be key in that. 


But to be honest Ash Vs Evil Dead, like the Evil Dead franchise before it, wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the undying charisma and charm of Bruce Campbell. The man is a legend of the horror genre for a reason, and this show continues to just give Campbell ample opportunity to show that he is still at the top of his game. He has always thrown himself with gusto into this role, and even in a cheesy fake commercial for his Hardware store he proves that he still has so much more to offer. If for nothing more, please, watch Ash Vs Evil Dead so we can continue to get more dope Bruce Campbell for years to come.

Honestly, for a 30m premiere, it covers a lot of ground (and gives us a fun glimpse of post Army Of Darkness/early 00’s Ash, handlebar mustache and all!). And that’s fine! Who knows how much of this show we have left to get. Genre television is never a sure fire thing, so let’s relish in this moment while we have it. Life is too short to nitpick Evil Dead.