Famed Composer Fabio Frizzi Scoring PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH

In 2018, anything is possible! Stephen King is once again a box office draw! Two genre films are competing for Best Pictures at the Oscars! The first privately funded rocket for space exploration was launched! And of course, the President* thinks white nationalist domestic terrorism is perpetrated by "very fine people". But what did I think was impossible? 

For me to be over the moon excited for a new Puppet Master film.

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, the 13th (!!!) installment of Charles Band classic killer puppet franchise, is set to arrive on VOD/Blu Ray this year. Since 2010's Axis of Evil, directed by genre legend David DeCoteau, Toulan's cabinet of crazy has been taking the fight to what is sadly now extremely topiclal: Nazis. These was followed by two more films completing the Axis trilogy, Axis Rising (2012) and Axis Termination (2017). But with The Littlest Reich, something clearly happened. Because it's creative pedigree is mind blowing, and it's still full of surprises.

First, we find out that S. Craig Zahler, writer/director of Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99, is penning the script. Beside his film work, Zahler is also a novelist, which means he will be bringing a literary weight to these silly Puppet Master films like we have yet to see.

Second, the cast is finally featuring familiar faces (that aren't Greg Sestero and Udo Kier) to a wide audience. Namely: Thomas Lennon (Reno 911), Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), and Michael Paré (Streets of Fire). While Crampton and Paré are better known in the genre community, Lennon is an instantly recognizable face due to the fact that he seemingly pops up in everything. Seriously. This may mean nothing more than the fact that The Littlest Reich will have a higher production budget, but it also gives wider audiences a stepping stone into the world that Band created. This is no more evident than the fact they have renowned producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who has produced summer blockbuster after summer blockbuster for over a decade.

Third, and this is the craziest bit yet, Rue Morgue reports this morning that famed Italian film composer Fabio Frizzi will be scoring The Littlest Reich! Frizzi's contribution to the sonic landscape of Italian cinema can be heard in the masterworks of Lucio Fulci like Zombi, The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, and Manhattan Baby alongside the lesser known Giallo Genius Sergio Martino and his film Scorpion with Two Tails. Producer Dallas Sonnier told Rue Morgue:

"A note to every horror moviemaker: seek out the legendary maestro Fabio Frizzi to score your movie. Our total reimagining of PUPPET MASTER is now the best-sounding gonzo, gory, gruesome horror/comedy of all time thanks to Fabio.“ 

WUT? The maestro himself added this:

“I am so happy and honored that Dallas Sonnier and S. Craig Zahler involved me in their film. For me, it is the best to work for people who love cinema and live it as a great passion. And my horror blood, thanks to them, has returned to flow on this project.”

I honestly don't think I can handle my excitement for Puppet Master, a franchise that I have strong frightening memories of as a child (Leech Woman? Ugh, SHIVERS FOR DAYS!). But with Zahler being one of the strongest cinematic voices of today, mixed with the musical track record of Frizzi and the likability of Lennon and Crampton, The Littlest Reich is on its way to being the best, strangest, entry in the neverending saga yet!