VENOM teaser hits, reminds of our need for TRUTH IN JOURNALISM

No, no. Don't worry. You didn't stumble across a website that has the same name as your favorite little horror site that is now covering comic book movies. It's still us. But Venom DOES have a fun tie-in with the horror genre and I'm here to remind you.

So the Venom teaser dropped today and while it has very little symbiote and a whole lot of hunky Tom Hardy brooding, it ultimately does what it's moniker promises: teases us. It gives no real looks at Venom himself or really of what the plot of the story is but it does a good job at giving us glimpses of Hardy as Brock, and reminding us that the cast is impeccable with Hardy alongside Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. 

So it's exciting that Sony is bringing us a supposedly rated R Venom movie that arguably won't be considered straight horror but I can almost guarantee will appear in our FRINGE WITH BENEFITS column. Venom is definitely an adult character and laced in some dark science fiction but never really breaks into the genre world so again, you may be asking, "Cool, Ryan, we're excited about Venom too but why are you covering it?"

Well, here is your answer.

Venom from Ruben Fleischer will definitely be the first full length Venom film and middle finger to the studio trainwreck Spider-Man 3 featured the lethal enforcer, but a cinematic outlier exists and it's a doozy.

in 2012, Adi Shankar started shooting a handful of one shots that were appropriately named "The Bootleg Universe," in which up and coming directors would reimagine well known pop culture worlds in new, creative ways. After a successful viral video in which Thomas Jane reprised his role as The Punisher in a short titled Dirty Laundry, Shankar went on to hire everyone's favorite ultra violent metal head Joe Lynch to direct Truth In Journalism. Now anyone who is Marvel fan knew what was happening as soon as Ryan Kwanten (True Blood, The Knights of Badassdom) shows up in black and white at a crime scene with the plain font text underneath him revealing that he is indeed Eddie Brock, journalist. 

The seventeen minute short is a brilliant slow burn that is a play on the famous Man Bites Dog mockumentary that follows Brock through a day on his daily path as a beat crime reporter. Lynch is obviously a fan of the character as a large portion of the short is spent with just Eddie, exploring his own psyche and giving us glimpses at the mentality that lends itself over the alien symbiote. It's hard to get into too much detail without spoiling the brilliance of the short so instead I'll leave you with this. It's a fan film from Joe Lynch, starring Ryan Kwanten as Venom and with a cameo from Derek Mears. What the hell else could you want?

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