What The Fest? Genre Film Festival Coming To NYC!

It's hard to think of New York City and not conjure images of a city that doesn't exist anymore. The edgy Pre-Giuliani New York with its air of danger, graffiti strewn subway cars, and iconic flashing lights of 42nd street. Now filled with a wave of tourism and Big Box Broadway, then seedy, filled with perverse intrigue into the unknown world beyond the door. People miss that. Hell, I only experienced it through films I watched as a kid and I even kinda miss it. But the genre films of that era allow the experience to live on, and the art house cinema thankfully replaces the sticky seats of yesteryear to offer a much more rewarding experience. And what more rewarding of an experience than an entire film festival centered around just that: the genre film.

The inaugural What the Fest? genre film festival is a "four day event...ringing cerebral genre films to the big screen in the heart of Manhattan. Showcasing a small range of carefully selected films from the wild side of cinema with guests and special events to highlight the films in a new way"

The festivals Creative Director is Maria Reinup who has served as Director of the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, the only genre film festival in the Baltics, and Black Nights Film Festival, the only A-list art house festival in Northern Europe. The Executive Director is Raphaela Neihausen who is also the Executive Director for DOCNYC and Split Screens Festival.

"Much of the most innovative and exciting cinema on screens today comes out of the universe of genre films – movies that are entertaining, surprising and sometimes shocking. Fantastic films that upend conventional limitations to help us escape reality and harbor deeper ambitions to thrill smart audiences. What The Fest!? is for the creative and curious looking for a community in which to share experiences and have a blast together."

The four day festival will take place March 29 - April 1 at the IFC Center in New York. No programming details are out yet, but be sure we'll keep you abreast on the most up date info on this exciting new fest!