Anatomy of a Scream Presents: Grim Magazine

Ok, we're a little late to the party, but thanks to a tweet from the new editor in chief at Fangoria, Phil Nobile Jr., a new horror magazine just came on our radar from the wonderful women of Anatomy of a Scream: Grim Magazine!



The magazine was announced back in December of 2017 on Anatomy of a Scream's website that led to a fully funded IndieGoGo Campaign on January 9th! Here's Grim's mission statement:

Grim is a brand new horror magazine published by rabid female horror fans: it includes essays, reviews, analyses, interviews, and short fiction contributed by a variety of talented and enthusiastic writers. We especially want to showcase the voices of women, POC and LGBTQ+ people -- our first issue celebrated women in horror (and was released during Women in Horror month, naturally!)

Grim is the first digital magazine project by This ongoing crowdfunding campaign will go toward covering the costs of running the magazine. The initial campaign (whose goal we reached) allowed us to offer a print run of our first issue! 

With Grim, we want to promote the voices of women and LGBTQ+ folks in the horror community, which has had a reputation for being a boy's club. We think that we offer some great perspectives on the films that we all love!

We want to interview and profile women who work in film, from producers to directors to makeup artists and more! 

We've experienced a lot of growth at featuring female voices and would like to start offering Grim three times per year, giving us a chance to feature even more amazing horror writers!

This is exactly what Genre Criticism needs, and Grim's mission statement is strong and vital. It's things like this that are precisely why we started Ghastly in the first place: to promote voices in horror that haven't had equal opportunity before. We need these voices for our genre to evolve, and grow, and continue being one of the most powerful artistic expressions around.

Support Grim by following them on Twitter @thisisgrimmag or donating to their IndieGogo to help continue covering the costs of running the magazine!