Actress Katie Stegeman Accuses CONTRACTED's Eric England of Abuse

On Saturday actress Katie Stegeman broke her silence on Instagram, accusing director Eric England of “physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually” abusing her for three years. England has currently made no comment on the allegations, we will update here when he does.


Stegeman as an actress has appeared in two of England’s films, Madison County and Contracted. The full text of her post is below:


Later in the same Instagram post, Stegman made this update:


There’s a wave of cultural change happening across the world. It’s a non-partisan issue. It should be a non-partisan issue. In 2006, when Tarana Burke said “Me Too.” the world was either not ready to or did not want to listen. When confronted with the haunting fact that countless number of men: (and yes, women, but let’s not kid ourselves: there is no equating male abusers to female abusers) directors, producers, writers, actors, artists we respect have been utilizing the veil of the entertainment industry to serially abuse someone, our first instinct, historically, has been to question the victim. We put up our own defenses to say “How can a man who has put so much humanity into his art, show a categorical lack of humanity when it comes to his interpersonal relationships?” We are a nation that refuses to be fooled, be it debunking a “sea creature” on the coast of Lake Champlain or to highlight every minute flaw in a low-budget horror film, so when presented with a story that challenges our preconception of an artist, many holdfast to their original image of the man. They refuse to believe that they have been tricked, like the women in these cases, into entrusting a part of themselves to this artist. We do this every time we identify with a film, piece of music, or fine art. This blind trust has kept silent the stories of women being victimized until, well, now. As social media has developed over the last 15 years, many have been wary of what it is doing to us as a society. But the fact is, social media has been the platform to finally amplify the voices of women who have had the microphone ripped from their hands forever, to have their story be heard rather than forgotten. I'm sure the accused wished it'd just be forgotten.

But at Ghastly Grinning we are not here to forget. We are also not here to judge, but rather compassionately listen. Because when this happens in our community, our Horror Home? We can’t sit idly by and be passive. We understand the limited means of this platform and our current global reach, but to quote the oft-recited words of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good wo/men to do nothing.”

We could take this time to remind you that, despite what you may think, women are not getting monetarily compensated by speaking their truth. Women are not getting high profile acting roles by coming forward. Women have not been given a leg up, or opportunity, in this heavily problematic industry by coming forward. We could explain that. But we won’t, because at this moment we don’t need to talk. We need to listen. To take no stance is to deny women the benefit of the doubt, a benefit frankly that white male privilege takes for granted. We are not one voice but many. We stand by you Katie Stegeman, we stand by you.