We Haven't Forgotten About You Eric England

It's been 10 day since Katie Stegeman bravely told her story about mental, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse by the hands of director Eric England, best known for the Contracted films and his new picture Josie. We told you about how Katie Stegeman was subjected to these abuses for three years. We told you we would update you when Eric England made a statement. Typically when a public figure is accused of such heinous acts, acts that many across the horror community fell over themselves to defend him for, they give a definitive statement denying said allegations. Not to sound flippant but, it's kind of the format now. Well, the day the news broke Eric England did say to Dread Central, "I'll be releasing a statement soon." And guess what Eric England has said to date, 10:30AM EST on March 26th, 2018?


 Not. One. Fucking. Word. Nothing on social media. Nothing across the horror community. His name lends no recent news stories. His verified Twitter account still hilariously ironically has this post from the day that the abuse allegations broke:

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 10.33.40 AM.png

We're pretty sure those emails weren't so lovely later, Eric. What I am afraid of is his silence is his weak willed way of trying to skirt these allegations in regards to his career. He seems to think, "If I just lay low, everyone will forget about this in a week or a month. There will be other allegations against other people, and they'll just move on!"

Well we're not fucking moving on Eric.

A month from now? Two months from now? We'll still be there demanding accountability. You haven't said a word, so your silence speaks volumes. 

When the story broke, we expected the typical male backlash. "You're already convicting him on mere allegations!" message boards would bellow. "Are you even considering what false rape accusations do to a man?! They destroy his life!" These questions, of course, do what we come to expect from a subset of men living in the past, they put the onus of deceit on the victim. Innocent until proven guilty does not mean that a cast of suspicion should not be put on the accused. Men like to believe, possibly because they may have their own tumultuous relationship with their own sexuality, that they are above victimization, hence why they like to throw the term "Snowflake" or "SJW" around. Because of this pedestal they have put themselves on, they believe that accusing someone of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse is an emotionally simple thing to do. When it's not. Abuse survivors aren't coming forward because they want to, they are coming forward because they have to. In alcohol recovery the only way to truly start healing is by confronting your pain, talking about it safely and openly, and eventually conquering it (Note: everyone's journey in recovery is different). This is part of Katie Stegeman's recovery, not some get rich celebrity making scheme. You said, "Well there's no evidence and he hasn't made any response to it!" Well his response is his silence, and in this silence he gives us his confession. We will not be supporting Eric England or his art at Ghastly Grinning. In 15 years if he comes back with a film, we'll see, but the level of abuse that we believe Katie Stegeman dealt with is not something that you can change overnight. You can't change that in one year, or five years.

This isn't a film.
This is real life.
And in real life there are consequences to your shitty fucking actions.

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