Review: 4/20 Massacre

It should go without saying that I have always loved horror movies. In my teens especially, I spent most weekends having sleepovers with friends, marathoning slasher movies and supernatural thrillers, but between jump scares, we’d make time for another genre that has always been near and dear to my heart: stoner comedies. Dude, Where’s My Car?, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Dazed and Confused were all common placeholders when we needed a feel-good pick up after scaring the pants off ourselves with whatever frightful features our local Hollywood Video had supplied us with for the night. I definitely don’t have the same tolerance I once did for the ridiculousness some of these wacky films offer, but every once in a while when the mood strikes, I’ll indulge myself in zoning out to one of these brainless comedies. Now, thanks to writer and director Dylan Reynolds, I can get my stoner comedy fix while maintaining my horror roots all in one sitting with his newest feature 4/20 Massacre. 
The film kicks off with a fantastically fun opening when a couple of stoners stumble upon a weed field in the middle of the hills. Like kids in a candy shop, they excitedly help themselves and soon find that they are not alone, thus commencing the first round of slashing. Cut to five friends on a camping adventure to celebrate Jess’s (Jamie Bernadette) birthday which just so happens to land on 4/20. On the way to their campsite, the group runs into one of the stoners who survived the first attack. The group thinks the guy has lost it (or is just really, really high) so they brush off the exchange after he gives them the weed he had previously stolen from the crops. Donna (Stacey Danger), the stoner of the group, is more than grateful for their new weed acquisition as she happily celebrates 4/20. Unfortunately, the celebration doesn’t last long as the group begins to get picked off one by one by the masked killer.

Not only does 4/20 Massacre provide a super fun and bloody good time, it features an almost all female led cast and LGBT characters, which is truly a breath of fresh air in a typically over-saturated hetero/male world. The kills are all a ton of fun, my favorite being one of the first we see - involving a bong - but I’ll leave the rest a surprise. The script contains some fantastic one liners that I’ll be sure to be quoting myself like when Donna discourages gun use and says “Puff puff, not bang bang!” - some advice I personally think could benefit many. There’s some hilariously fun imagery, including blood spattered marijuana plants and a scene where Donna sits against a tree, smoking a bong, muttering to herself, “I am so high…” which made me literally laugh out loud because let’s be real, we’ve all been Donna in that moment at some point, right? Just me? Well, in any case, whether you partake in the herbal magic of Mary Jane or not, or even if you’re just a diehard slasher fan, 4/20 Massacre is great fun and I highly recommend it for a movie night with friends or even for a date night with the green goddess herself. 

Just in time for every weed enthusiast’s favorite holiday, 4/20 Massacre will be available on DVD and VOD on April 3rd. 

ReviewMegan Casady