RECAPITATION! Ash Vs Evil Dead Sn3 Ep2

As it seems with each season opener of ASH VS EVIL DEAD we are barraged with a ton of information with new characters and more questions to be answered as the show unravels more and more mysterious characters and history behind the Evil. Ruby's back and something is growing inside of her as we are left to ponder what nefarious thing could she create after seeing her "babies" last season. Well, it's damn ugly and a terrifyingly amazing old school EVIL DEAD like sequence answering just that question in the very opening scene of episode 2.

The best horror style sequence in the entirety of the show has been the Sam Raimi directed episode 1 which sets the tone perfectly for the entire series, but the sequence, in particular, is when Amanda is watching her partner turn into a deadite as the flashlight spins around flashing the scene in and out of a creepy light. Ruby charging down a road swerving as she goes in pain, something is trying to erupt from her stomach. Rain pouring down with a dramatic score playing as two hitchhikers try to wave her down. The car comes to a halt violently and as the hitchhikers go to inspect the car the windshield is plastered with viscera. It is supremely satisfying and such a great build up to Ash's anti-spawn! It was one of the best sequences I think since episode one and is probably one of the best openers of the series. Plus the practical FX work in that scene had me so giddy as a little puppet monster tore a hitchhikers throat out! Lucy Lawless walking around with an outward ribcage and exposed organs like it's nothing brings us back to the term of her truly being Lucy Flawless. The FX team did wonders in this opening and if you look carefully at the puppet's arm you can actually see a chainsaw birthmark on it. Organic deadite chainsaw for later?

Three seasons in and we finally find out who Ruby is! We got that she was a Knowby, we got that she wrote the book. But we finally find out she is one of the original Dark Ones that banished the rest of the Dark Ones from the Earth in a really cool animated sequence that alludes more and more to the possibility of ARMY OF DARKNESS tie-ins finally! It's very casually thrown out there but I'm just happy we're getting answers for things like Bruce Campbell has been promising this season. Her character arc has been super shrouded in mystery and like I said most of the time when we get an answer to things they come as more questions for the audience, but here they're straight up telling us she is the key to everything. Will we get to see the Dark Ones return and have revenge on Ruby aka "Mulier Daemonis Igni?" Then we get a little story about Kaia the Knight of Sumeria who was seduced by the power of the book and tried to use it but was bound within the pages of the book. I'm thinking Pablo is going to have to step up his Brujeria and face the sorceress at some point. What will she look like? This episode kept reminding of something Sam Raimi said in an interview on season one. "Anything can come out of the book."

Ash's relationship with his daughter is like watching two genres collide. Ash constantly throwing in dirty catchphrases and memories of Brandy's conception with a big smile thinking he's being the dad of the year while Brandy is brooding and sulking hating him completely. It's funny because she has every right to hate Ash but her teen angst turns her into the arms of the worst person to confide in with Ruby posing as her school counselor. Although I don't know what Ash expects having thrown his daughter into his dead sister's creepy ass abandoned room where her body was recently resurrected and manifested into a deadite. I'm not 100% sold on the character of Brandy yet, but I'm hoping she comes into her own and becomes the badass I think she's meant to be. I think I'm still a little spurned though at the fact that Kelly was originally supposed to be Ash's daughter and it was set up so perfectly. For now, though the relationship is a fun dichotomy that I just hope doesn't get tiresome with the angsty teen aspect.

Kelly has been off and abandoned Ash and Pablo's simple life to continue to fight the forces of Evil, seeking it out as she mentally needs to fight it. It's a cool conversation that Pablo and Kelly have on why she can't quit that I think is interesting because Pablo is mad she left yet he was the one in season 2 that kind of set her on that path. When they were throwing the Pink F*ck party at the bar, Pablo accidentally tore her down by saying she's so level-headed because she doesn't care that she doesn't have a home or family and it really messes with her in trying to find a purpose. Now she's so far down the rabbit hole she has found someone who is part of one of the most ancient orders that have fought the evils of the book in Dalton, a Knight of Sumeria. It's going to be interesting to see how Dalton, Kell, and Pablo play out together as Pablo does feel spurned Kelly left and Dalton is ready to kill Pablo over his attachment with the Book of the Dead, but what will save him is his transformation to becoming a Brujo of his uncle's caliber. The Ghostbeaters dynamics are definitely shifting and there's a lot of foreshadowing for them in this episode.

Alright, we've had enough family drama and character building. Do you know what we need? Ash at a sperm bank! A demonic sperm bank! I wish I was in that writer's room where they sat around thinking, "Whats worse than shoving Bruce's head up an anus while the dick hits his face?" "Gee I don't know but it's got to be a money shot!" "I got it! Cumshots!" Ash is literally shot with sperm like a gun as Ruby casts a spell to destroy all of Ash's seed. And if an undead nurse shooting bullets of sperm out of test tubes wasn't enough, he also has to fight a porno mag. It's the reading material he loves the most come to kill him as he wanks his crank and the very model he's pleasuring himself to comes to life, reaching out of the magazine to choke him. Best part? It's a prosthetic hand coming out of a porno mag beating the hell out of Ash thereby prohibiting him from beating it.

The first episode was a lot of fun, but this episode seemed much tighter in its sequences and story flow. We got our funny and our horror as well as some great character moments that hearken back to story built up in previous seasons. Lots of awesome practical FX that I hope continues as before some of the episodes I felt had a little too much unnecessary CGI, but my monster loving heart was satisfied. This episode got me so pumped for the season and I hope they keep the balance of this one in later episodes with intensity and comedy. I'm ready to see what evil baby Ash looks like after his metamorphosis!