RECAPITATION! Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3, Episode 7

Ash Vs Evil Dead continues to be silly, over the top, but ultimately utterly fun and fascinating! 

This weeks episode see’s Ruby’s ultimate plan to get Brandy, Ash’s daughter, on to her side for her own nefarious demon needs. And in a callback to Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, Ruby’s plan involves passing on Ash’s destiny to another...Evil Ash.

Evil Ash ultimately, and personally, will always be the big bad in Evil Dead. It’s not stretch to say that the duality of Ash’s persona is what these films always relied on. In the original Evil Dead, Ash was the surprise hero. He wasn’t a coward in his group of friends, but he didn’t have the power to lead, until he is forced to. In Evil Dead 2, this is pushed a step further as Ash tackles his own sanity after being possessed by the Deadites. Part of the reason why Ash is such a strong character is because he can beat the unbeatable, if only for a moment. Through remembrance of his dead girlfriend Linda’s necklace, he is able to come back from the brink of possession only to be hurled back into the past for Army of Darkness. In AOD, most famously, we have Ash literally fighting himself. This was always to show that our hero Ash has the capabilities of being terrible. And while Ash Vs Evil Dead has really pushed the boundaries of how terrible Ash can be (he may not kill anyone that isn’t already dead, but he is an absolutely fucking tool to every person in his life, comedic effect or not), he ultimately is trying to do good. After Ash chainsaws the guts out of Ruby, who subsequently gets up and speaks, Brandy turns to Ash incredulously and says “You were telling the truth!”. Ash gives a pained face and shrugs, a mea culpa of sorts to say “I know I fuck up but, like, there really are demons and Deadites.” 

Evil Ash is disposed of as quickly as he was born, which feels like a missed opportunity as the writers struggle to continue writing for Ruby. I want to continue seeing Lucy Lawless in this world, she is an absolute delight in the show, but continuing to rely on her as the physical embodiment of the Ghostbeaters opposition isn’t doing the show many favors. She isn’t even the Rita Repulsa of AVED as the monsters she throws at our hapless heroes are still seen as tertiary characters rather than new big bads. While yes, Ash should be able to dispose of Evil Ash with the blast of his boomstick, but when you beat the Final Boss far too easily you wonder why the journey was built up so much. 

You can also argue that Kaya as Kelly is really the Big Bad of this season, since summoning her has been Ruby’s ultimate goal. But Kaya has played to the sidelines far too often in each episode that now her “turn” is coming to face Ash, I’m far more interested in the whereabouts of Kelly than of what Kaya can ultimately do.

But with this next episode, we get to dive into the cosmic Big Top that Kelly, and now Brandy, is trapped in. Do I smell Killer Klowns

ReviewJacob Trussell