Cavitycolors Dropping More THE FOG Goodies

We here at Ghastly Grinning are HUGE fans of John Carpenter and we also love what our peeps over at Cavitycolors are doing. If you by any chance aren’t familiar with Cavitycolors, they are a company that put out some of the coolest horror merch you can get your hands on; t-shirts, enamel pins, patches, turntable slipmats, you fucking name it. You ever felt that you needed a scented Evil Dead 2 candle?? Of course you have! Well, they have that as well. And they just keep announcing rad stuff on a regularly basis.

Today they dropped some really, really cool news! Look, I’m used to be blown away when they announce new stuff, but this time it goes beyond that, because this time they have taken their brand to a whole new level. Just check this bad boy out!

From Cavitycolors Facebook page: 

“John Carpenter’s THE FOG is coming this Wednesday, April 18th to Cavitycolors - AND on top of that, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we worked with NECA on the design for the blister pack on the FIRST official Captain Blake Figure that’s slated to release later this Summer / Early Fall via Neca’s website, with brand new art by Devon Whitehead! ** You’ll be able to buy this design on a T-shirt this Wednesday, too! **

Stay tuned for more reveals, and STAY OUT OF THE FOG…”

How fucking cool is that!?

So get your credit cards ready, folks, and while you’re waiting for The Fog to come in, I highly recommend that you check out the other cool stuff at their website. Beware, though: chances are that you’ll be spending ALL your money before Wednesday.

The awesome people behind Cavitycolors are: Aaron Crawford (Co-Founder, Creative Director, Designer), Ricki Kelly (Co-Founder, Creative Director, Brand Management), Devon Whitehead (Lead Designer, Illustrator), Madi Warner (Customer Service, Shipping team member), Patti Crawford (Business, Legal Affairs).