Between the Covers: The Nocturnal Reader is the Subscription Box We’ve Been Waiting For

Ever since I can remember I was never without a book in my hand or shoved into my backpack. When I was nine, my mom got a phone call that I was in the principal’s office for reading an Anne Rice book. Not only was I a fast, advanced reader for my age but I wanted to leap past the age-appropriate stuff and dive right into the real scary content; this led to me being a sixth grader with a thirst for Stephen King, Clive Barker and Richard Matheson. As I got older and devoured more contemporary authors, including a brief but enjoyable foray into the vaults of uber-gruesome splatterpunk, it was difficult for the local used bookstore’s measly horror section to keep up with my voracious appetite. And now, at thirty-one and a mother with a full time job, I just don’t find the time to read that I used to.

Enter “The Nocturnal Reader."

A monthly subscription box, NR is a curated shipment that includes enough horror goodies to thrill even the most hungry little bookworms. The boxes vary widely in content, but I decided to try April for the first one. Among the items I received: a brand-new novel (Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman, a beautiful hardback with rave reviews), a trade paperback anthology of horror short stories, a gorgeous art print of “Who Goes There?” (based on the short story that inspired ‘The Thing’) by artist Eric Nyquist, a drink coozie from Let The Right One In, an embroidered baseball cap inspired by The Dark Tower series, and an enamel pin. There were also bookmarks and a few other odds and ends, all shipped in a very sturdy mailing box with a beautiful spooky design printed on it. They promise that every month the subscribers will get a minimum of two books (one of which will always be a new release), an art print, and a wearable such as an exclusive hat or t-shirt. Other items will vary widely from pint glasses, sticker packs, coffee mugs, bandanas, candles, and essentially anything related to some of our favorite books. One never knows; I’m personally stoked because next month’s box promises a Joe Hill wearable and I can’t get enough of him in my life.

The box is well worth the price if you’re an avid reader and like all of the knick-knacks and collectibles that come with being a horror lit fan. It auto-renews each month or you can choose to go month-to-month, just keep a close eye on deadlines on the website and Facebook page as missing one can mean you don’t get the box in time. The company also offers specials to its members; about a week after my first box I received an email to notify me that Nocturnal Readers had paired up with Stephen King himself to create a special printing of Salem’s Lot exclusive to the box subscribers, with beautiful commissioned cover art, and subscribers had the first chance to opt-in on purchasing the book before it was released to the general public. They are a small company with excellent customer service and communication, and they don’t hesitate to make things right if anything does go awry. You can see plenty of unboxing videos on their social media and their forum if you’re wary about blind-buying, but personally I love the surprises; it’s a special treat every month. You can even buy several months or a year in advance; they make amazing, unique gifts!

Photo credit for the image of the box contents.