New Blumhouse Horror Brings Things Close To Home

“You’ve got your whole life in front of you. You’re pretty, you’ve got this house — well, you don’t have this house anymore. This house is my house.”

For me, the safest place in the world is my home. I know every inch of my house and I know EXACTLY eight ways to get out in case a fire broke out or if a home invasion (a scenario I've played out in my head a thousand times) would happen. If I had to protect my family and myself, I know how many steps there is from my couch (where you usually find me) to my signed by Voorhees-actors machete. It's part of my film collection. Because trust me, I would NOT go down without a fight and that bad boy is razor sharp! Threaten my kids and wife and I'll draw first blood, for sure.

Now imagine a threat that isn't a home invasion in the sense that we as genre film fans are thinking of, but a threat that you invited into your home yourself; this is the case with Alex Miller who put out an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate and ended up with the “Worst Roommate Ever”. Miller, who let Jed Creek into her Philadelphia apartment, not having a clue he was actually Jamison Bachman, a notorious serial squatter and the ultimate Craigslist nightmare. In an expensive and frightening ordeal that dragged on for months, Bachman slowly laid claim to Alex’s apartment, using his intricate knowledge of tenancy laws to stay one step ahead of her. He kicked down doors, attacked her and left her feeling unsafe in her own home.

When William Brennan -- a writer for New York magazine -- heard about Bachman he found over a dozen people who he had moved in with and then became a serial squatter and tried to have them removed from their homes. Brennan wrote an amazing piece (which you can read here) on this disturbing story, and now the rights to adapt the article has been acquired by horror giant Blumhouse, in what will be the first project developed simultaneously for both film and television,

On the feature side, the story will be developed by Chris Morgan Productions and Blumhouse with Morgan and Jason Blum producing alongside Scoop Wasserstein of Scoop Productions. Bea Sequeira, Blumhouse’s VP of production brought the material in to Blumhouse and will co-produce the film. Ainsley Davies, Chris Morgan Productions’ head of Production will also serve as an executive producer.

And at the same time the feature is being developed by Blumhouse Television, the company’s indie television studio, will develop a TV adaptation with a focus on a documentary series. Wasserstein will serve as an executive producer on this one and Brennan himself will serve as an executive producer on both projects.

Keep an eye on this spot for future updates, and don't forget: let the right one in.