The Stephen King Adaptations Just Keep Coming and We're Loving It

Holy shit! So this just happened: Representatives of Universal Pictures, Sony and Netflix went to a deserted island to fight until the death for the screen rights to Stephen King’s novel The Tommyknockers! Ok, that didn’t happen, but there WAS a bidding war -- which doesn´t sound nearly as fun as a battle royale -- between the aforementioned studios for those rights, and Universal came out as the winners. Mr. Saw himself, James Wan is producing The Tommyknockers through his Atomic Monster banner. Also on board as producers are Roy Lee -- who was one of the producers behind last years It -- and Larry Sanitsky -- who executive produced the 1993 The Tommyknockers mini-series.

When the feature film package went out to studios earlier this month Sanitsky wrote this, in a mission statement to potential buyers: “It is an allegorical tale of addiction (Stephen was struggling with his own at the time), the threat of nuclear power, the danger of mass hysteria, and the absurdity of technical evolution run amuck,” Sanitsky said. “All are as relevant today as the day the novel was written. It is also a tale about the eternal power of love and the grace of redemption.”

  • No writers are attached to the film yet and when it comes to director Deadline says that not only is Wan producing it but he’s on board the project “with an eye to direct.” and The Hollywood Reporter says this: “Wan is not attached as director but sources say that could change depending on development.”  So who knows who ends up directing the film. Only time will tell I guess. What we DO know, though, is that the resurgence of Stephen King adaptations is far from over and we could NOT be more excited.

Sources: THR & Deadline