RECAPITATION! Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Penultimate Episode

It took me awhile to write this because I'm sad. Freddy, my Evil Dead brother in arms, is sad. It's tough mustering up the strength to write about the second to (officially now) last episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead.

What happened to all the Evil Dead fans?

After decades of asking for a return to the screen, we got icon of horror Ash Williams in spades with Ash Vs Evil Dead. Three seasons of mind bending, brain melting nonsense that felt like the natural progression of the mayhem that Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert started in the early 80s. But because we live in a world where attention spans wane as the "next big thing" grabs our sightline, people kind of just...gave up on AVED, which is even sadder because season three has had some of the best throwbacks to the original trilogy that the show has ever had.

This episode alone sees Brandy, Ash's daughter, basically replaying the entire "Tool Shed!" sequence from Evil Dead 2. We get the chalk outline of a missing chainsaw, we get a deadite head in a vice, chopping off of limbs as they go bad, and most importantly a return to the chaotic "Wind Deadite" camera movement that solidified Sam Raimi as a visionary, inventive, and ultimately clever director. The show was literally a love letter to fans, but it appears the letter got lost in the mail for many because these last three seasons is Bruce Campbell's last ride in the world of Evil Dead that he helped usher in in 1981. With his retirement from the character, a little part of me fades away too. The rest of the episode plays out as a series of wrap up's in preparation for the grand series finale that will be this Sunday as Ash and company wash their hands of Ruby and Kaya (well, the bigger bad actually did that but ya know what we mean) as The Ghostbeaters gear up to fight evil one last time. 

When we have something great, not perfect but clearly made with love and thoughtful intention, we should recognize and cherish it because far too quickly it is gone. In five years now I can already imagine the articles saying AVED was pulled too soon, and it was (one more season is all much of us really wanted). But we can't bring it back now, and as much as we can cross fingers that Netflix will revive it and bring Ashley J. Williams out of retirement, we know that is a slim to none chance.

What I will say is this: the next time we get this level of fan service, a show that seems to have been solely made because of demand from people like you and I, watch the show. Even if you don't totally gel with it, watch it. Have it on in the background while you cook dinner or do chores, but show your support for the horror community at large. This show wasn't causing controversies, it wasn't sparking emotional thoughtful dialogue..this show was the rare one that was all about fun and good times and appeasing that part of your heart that remembers the first positive horror experience you had with the genre, even if you don't. 

We need more Ash Vs Evil Dead in the world, and with it's cancellation, our community is little bit dimmer.