Chances are many of you may have never seen ZOMBI 3, a hotly contested Lucio Fulci (The Beyond) film due to his exit from the project, which was subsequently taken over by Bruno Mattei (Cruel Jaws). Hell, I HAVEN'T even checked it out, but the VHS cover is forever burned in my brain:

Zombi 3 Poster.jpg

I mean what 8 year old wouldn't be enticed by whatever that cacophony of terror even is on the cover. A zombie fist? A giant demon head? A reject poster from Italy's answer to A Nightmare on Elm Street? Well, you're going to get to find out soon because Cinema Arcana is reporting that Severin Films, the mad bastards behind 2017's release of Fulci's The Devils Honey and The Amicus Collection is bringing us a brand new blu ray of ZOMBI 3. Not only are we getting that, but they report Severin also has a bunch of juicy new titles for 2018 including:

  • ZOMBIE 4: AFTER DEATH (1989)
  • SHOCKING DARK (1989)
  • ABSURD (1981)

Holy SHIT! I've personally been wanting to watch Joe D'Amato's gut munching good time Anthrophagous for about a year now but have been waiting for a new blu ray to see it in the best possible way. And while no specs or special features have come out, nor have Severin made any public announcement (meaning this is a scoop on Cinema Arcana's part), we have no doubt that the technical and supplemental quality will be nothing short of top notch! Keep your eyes peeled here for more info as it comes in! 

Here's the full post from Cinema Arcana's Facebook page: