More Details Emerge for Richard Bates Jr.'s Next Film TONE-DEAF!

There´s something about Richard Bates Jr. -- not only as a filmmaker, but also as a person -- that I find extremely intriguing. I remember listening to him back on the Killer POV podcast (R.I.P) and I just wanted the chat to go on forever. I can´t put my finger in what it is about him, but I do know that I´d kill to just sit down and talk with him for an hour or two to dig deeper into the mind of -- what I consider -- one of our times most unique and fascinating filmmakers. The way that he tells his -- often thought provoking -- stories makes for some amazing and visually outstanding cinema, and he always brings out the greatest performances from his actors.

Last year we talked about Bates´ upcoming project, Tone-Deaf, which is the first film in multi-year suspense/thriller genre slate deal between Circle of Confusion, Lightning Entertainment and Hindsight Media with the purpose to produce two-three films a year. All that we knew about it back then was that “Tone-Deaf follows millennial Olive who, after a string of bad relationships and work failures, leaves the city for a weekend of peace in the country only to discover the shockingly dark underbelly of rural America.” and that the film would start its shoot in Los Angeles spring this year. 

Today we are happy to announce that production has officially begun on Tone-Deaf and that Amanda Crew (The Haunting in Connecticut) and T2´s Robert Patrick are starring in it.

Crew portrays a woman who leaves for a quiet weekend in the country after losing her job and imploding her latest dysfunctional relationship. She rents a country house from an old-fashioned widower, played by Patrick, who’s struggling to hide his psychopathic tendencies. Soon, two generations collide with terrifying results in this home invasion horror film that is also a darkly comedic critique of the bizarre cultural and political climate.

Yes, you read that right: HOME INVASION! Ricky Bates Jr. is doing a fucking home invasion flick! This film is going to be so messed up, and I mean that in the most positive way possible!

“Robert and Amanda go together like moonshine in a mason jar,” Bates said. “Their brilliance and willingness to get weird has been a dream come true for me as a director.” 

This sounds like a dream come true for us as well, Ricky.

Producers are Circle of Confusion’s Lawrence Mattis, Brad Mendelsohn and Matt Smith; along with Brion Hambel and Paul Jensen of Best Medicine Productions. Executive producers are Lightning’s James C. Walker and Andrew Brown, as well as Hindsight Media’s James Swarbrick and James Scott.

Keep an eye on this spot for updates on this project and until then; go seek out Bates´ previous films Excision, Suburban Gothic and Trash Fire.