THE LODGERS Coming Soon From Dread Central Presents

Dread Central presents is coming out swinging. Not only has the company expanded their distribution greatly in the last few months, with eclectic titles ranging from the unapologetically brutal Terrifier to the much wanted To Hell And Back: The Kane Hodder Story, and one of these was the dark fairy tale The Lodgers. You can check out our high praise here and now you'll be able to add it to your home library.

An awesome detail for collectors is the fact that Dread will begin numbering the spines of their releases, with Terrifier at number two and The Lodgers falling into place firstly. If the review isn't enough to sell you, check out the synopsis and specs below and PICK IT UP on May 29th!

After a sold-out release of TERRIFIER, Epic Pictures’ horror label, Dread Central Presents, is coming out with a collector’s edition Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs of their elegant haunting supernatural thriller THE LODGERS on Tuesday, May 29th.

Loaded with special features, the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack includes several languages Castilian Spanish, French, German and Portuguese as well as subtitles in Latin American Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and Romanian.

Winner of several awards, THE LODGERS had its world première at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and was closing night feature at the 50th Sitges Film Festival. Directed by Brian O’Malley (LET US PREY) and written by David Turpin. Starring Charlotte Vega (The Misfit Club), Bill Milner (X-Men: First Class), Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones), David Bradley (Harry Potter) and Moe Dunford (Vikings)

In this gothic supernatural thriller, a family curse confines orphaned twins Rachel (Charlotte Vega) and Edward (Bill Milner) to their home as punishment for their ancestors’ sins. Bound to the rules of a haunting childhood lullaby, the twins must never let any outsiders inside the house, must be in their rooms by the chime of midnight, and must never be separated from one another. Breaking any of these three rules will incur the wrath of a sinister presence that inhabits the house after midnight. While Edward is committed to this ill-fated life, he’s becoming more unhinged due to the fact that Rachel is not. Smitten by a local soldier (Eugene Simon), Rachel grows skeptical and begins to rebel, desperate to escape the oppression and misery of their captivity.

Special Features:
- [DVD/Blu-ray Exclusive] Behind the Scenes Documentary – 22:00
- Deleted Scenes: 
   Bathroom Cut – 1:04  
   Bermingham In The Shop – 1:01
- Theatrical trailer – 1:35
- TV Spot - 00:30  
- Other trailers from Dread Central Presents:
   Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight – 1:19
   Imitation Girl – 1:54
    Terrifier – 1:46
    The Monster Project – 1:45

Preorders are available exclusively from Dread now, don't sleep on this release.