Here's Your "The First Purge" First Look!

In The First Purge, Marisa Tomei and crew need the first Purge to be successful. In 2018 United States, we need a film like The First Purge. This is ferociously popular film is a hit, to quote a lesser man, on both sides. For the Gore/Exploitation hound, the films scratch an itch for a time when cinema felt literally dangerous, as in "I could literally be stabbed in the theatre Im watching this." For those who are looking for social satire and commentary within our genre films, since the 2014 sequel The Purge: Anarchy these films have taken up a mantle that was left by the likes of Larry Cohen, Abel Ferrera, and William Lustig. It's in your face, it's brutal, and it's also cleverly on the nose. The Purge films wink at us. They want the audience to know this is a bleak satire on current events, no more evident in the ballsy AS FUCK marketing push featuring those ubiquitous red hats.

And now we've got a trailer! For fans of HBO's Insecure you'll immediately recognize newcomer Y'Lan Noel as the lead, backed by a cast featuring Lex Scott Davis, and Marisa Tomei as the mastermind behind The Purge?

If this trailer makes your skin crawl, good. That's what it should do. Current events show that we don't live in a world where something like this couldn't happen. And if people refuse to learn from history, maybe they can learn from fictional history when The First Purge opens on United States Independence Day, July 4th. See: ballsy AF.

NewsJacob Trussell