Take A Bite Into THE MEG With Epic New Trailer

The Meg has been in development so long that for a while, it seemed it may never happen. Being tossed around forever, it's been over twenty years since the Steve Alten hit novel dropped, the film was even attached to splat pack brethren Eli Roth at one point.

Well it's finally here. The trailer for The Meg has dropped and y'all, this looks fun as hell. Jon Turtletaub is making his return to the blockbuster game with The Meg, pretty much being blacklisted since The Sorcerer's Apprentice but having Hollywood success with the National Treasure franchise and the smaller Last Vegas. The movie has a more detailed plot synopsis but I can break it down for you: Jason Statham fights a megalodon. 

That's right. After the success of action star versus the world adventure pieces (Thank you, Dwayne), and highly successful and moneymaking shark vehicles The Shallows and 47 Meters Down, Hollywood is ready to drop some big bucks on the finned terror again. Since Jaws, we have seen a mass of aquatic horror focused around sharks, ranging from attempts to hit that big summer money such as Deep Blue Sea to schlocky sci-fi cash grabs like Sharknado. This may be that hit. Check out the trailer below, it actually looks like a whole lot of fun. The cast is a blast, the CG is impressive, and it's easy to sea the movie isn't taking itself too seriously. And in this case, that's a major plus. The film is dropping later this year, August 10th, to perfectly close out the summer.

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