Hold Up! What's 'Terrence Howards Fright Club'?

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok. 

Tell me if you've heard this one before: a group of fans discover they have won the "VIP Treatment" to visit a very famous actor (in this case Lucius Lyon's himself Terrence Howard) at his remote New Orleans estate (that checks out, right? RIGHT?!) only to discover it's full of "swamp monsters" and "voodoo spells"? Sounds like a segment in Rusty Cundieff's upcoming Tales from the Hood sequel, right? Well...not exactly.

Lemme introduce you to a show you've never heard of before: 

Yep. And that date is correct. It's coming out this month. You may ask yourself, "Well, hell. If it's coming out this month, why have I never heard about it?"


Naaaaah just joshin'. This is clearly going to be terribl...y AWESOME! Here's the official word from TVGuide.com:

"When Howard's super-fans are invited to New Orleans to meet the star at his remote estate, they believe they've won an online competition to take part in a filmed VIP experience. What they don't know is that they are about to be pranked by Howard, and that everyone they meet is an actor who's in on the joke," is how Fox describes the special. "Hidden cameras follow the super-fans and capture their reactions to a series of wild experiences that Howard, in full prankster mode, has set up for them. From swamp monsters to voodoo spells, their reactions are captured on film from his secret control room. Thrills ensue as the super-fans are pushed to their limits before Howard lets them in on his tricks. It will be a weekend they won't forget!"

There is a certain brand of horror millenial in their late 20s, early 30s who were the perfect age for MTV's Fear and Punk'd. And while clearly prank shows aren't in the pantheon of high or even low brow art, they very well can be a cultural antidote to societal anxiety. There's nothing more relieving that discovering that your car wasn't just stolen by Bigfoot, but rather by Diamond Dallas Page in a gilly suit. We all laugh and relish in the present moment that for at least a half hour, someone truly believed in the paranormal. And with Scare Tactics leaving the airwaves in 2013, the last true paranormal prank show that was hosted by Tracy Morgan for three of those five years, we're due for a little silly spooky bullshit. And sure, there are bigger questions like why the hell would FOX drop show that would garner higher ratings during the Halloween season? Or, of all people, why Terrence Howard? Does he actually have "super fans"? Does he really live in a haunted estate in New Orleans? In the age of #MeToo, is his show destined to fail due to the clout surrounding him and domestic violence charges?

Only time will tell. But what I can tell you is that our collective brains need to do a hard reset, and a show like this that is so clearly destined to fail may be the most entertaining way to do that. Reboot your noggin May 24th, only on FOX!


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