UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB Hits Theatres July 20th!

I loved the original UNFRIENDED. It's an easy film for horror fans to deride because it is squarely about millenials and new technology: two things grizzled Gen-X Horror Fans loathe. Not to mention the conceit was that the entire film would take place in a Skype Group Call which isn't necessarily conducive to the most well rounded viewing experience. Unless you caught it at home, or on your own personal laptop, where the film turned into a whole other verité beast.

But aside from the technical aspects that turned off a whole train of potential fans, what we were eventually presented with was one hell of a MEAN SPIRITED film. Nothing and no one is safe in Unfriended, and while the kills may not fully satisfy intense gorehounds or the casual shock viewer, they are intensely effecting and feel downright personal, and cut from the same cloth as any one of the numerous mean slashers from the 1980's like Slaughter High, The Toolbox Murders, and Intruder

Unfriended is a rough experience, and that's what made me so excited when Unfriended: Dark Web was surprise announced at this years SXSW. The plot details are scarce, a teen gets a new laptop that was possibly stolen and discovers all sorts of nastiness on it, and now we have a release date courtesy of Blumhouse's Twitter: