The horror community is great because, at least for the good 'uns out there, we're all in the hunt together: spreading good cheer, good news, and good vibes across the internet in the name of horror! And that's why we want to help our great friends at Nightmarish Conjurings with a little exciting puzzle involving this poster:

Shannon McGrew writes: "This morning as I opened my email I had a peculiar message from an unknown sender. In the body of the message was this poster with the tagline, WHATEVER IT IS IT'S COMING. If any of you know what this pertains too, please let us know, as we will do our best to uncover the mystery of whatever this film is!"

So what could it be?! As Shannon has pointed the words "We Thank You" can be deciphered from the paint splattered O. Also early theories say it may be for the next Godzilla film, which frankly feels like a huge possibility! Why? Because we do know that eventually Godzilla is going to meet Kong and Mothra to inevitably fight the Thanos of the Gojira-verse: King Ghidora.

You know what King Ghidora is born from? An egg. 

What does that O look like to you but the image of an egg that, in this light, could also be mistaken for a birds nest.

Well. whatever it is...it's coming in 2019. If you have any leads, make sure you sound off over on Nightmarish Conjurings!

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