Dread Central Presents Has Big Week With DIRECTOR'S CUT Release Dates, New Films Acquired

It's always great when a label really digs its talons in and carves out a spot for themselves in the film landscape. Just as Lionsgate and Dark Castle have done in the past, and A24 more recently, Dread Central Presents has already had a landmark year. Even more exciting than it's slew of announcements, one including the news that they're working on original content, is that Rob Galluzzo and the crew at Dread and Epic are not narrowing the scope but broadening it and bringing exciting new horror, sci-fi and fringe horror films to the public. Ranging from genre bending movies like Imitation Girl to balls to the wall splatterpunk like Terrifier, Dread Central Presents has already shown it's not afraid to take a chance on a title. And it's paying off in spades.

This week has been no different. Dread has the newest film from cult movie director Adam Rifkin, starring professional comedian-slash-magician Penn Jillette, that is a true meta look at film. Check out the film release and trailer below.

The ultimate meta movie, Director’s Cut will be available on demand on May 29th and Home Video on June 5th


In Director’s Cut Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) plays a disgruntled crowdfunder who kidnaps the footage, and star, of the film he backed in order to create his own version starring himself. Ironically, the film was actually financed by an elaborate crowdfunding campaign that attracted over 4,500 backers. Written by Penn and directed by Adam Rifkin, Director’s Cut stars Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin and Hayes MacArthur who are playing both themselves as well as characters in the movie within the movie and cameos include Lin Shaye, Kristy Hill, Nestor Carbonell and Penn’s longtime partner, Raymond Joseph Teller.

Director’s Cut will be playing select theaters starting May 10th, followed by a VOD release on May 29th and Blu-ray/DVD combo release on June 5th.

The news doesn't stop there! On top of this already exciting announcement, Dread Central Presents has also revealed that they've acquired two more unique and interesting titles to add to their growing catalogue. Announced straight from Cannes, Dread has acquired horror comedy Slay Belles and western horror slasher Lasso

Slay Belles is a Christmas themed horror dark comedy from "Spooky" Dan Walker, with his first feature film. After years in Hollywood working on films such as Deep Blue Sea and Star Trey: Beyond as a visual effects artist, Walker has teamed up with horror veteran Darren Lynn Bousman (Tales of HalloweenSaw II) to bring the holiday horror to life. 


Lasso, starring Sean Patrick Flannery of Boondock Saints fame, it a bit darker. As part of a Senior Tour group, Simon and Kit must save themselves and whoever else they can from the sinister 'rodeo ritual.' Being touted as 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Cocoon' (that's one the weirdest but most interesting combinations I've ever seen), it promises to be a healthy addition to the small stock of horror westerns in current circulation.


We're stoked on ALL of this news and excited to see Rob G. and the rest of the Dread Central Presents crew continue to kill it on all fronts.