Oh Dang, MCMLXXV From Image Comics Looks Crazy Good

Image Comics, while not having the blockbuster antics of comic book brethren Marvel and DC, may be the most eclectic and diverse roster of titles and talent in the industry. I'm not going to spell it all out here, as the history is long and tenured, but I will briefly highlight some of the clout they have when it comes to horror comics: '68BedlamFive GhostsNailbiterWytchesOutcast, Ghosted, countless others and a little cultural phenomenon called The Walking Dead.

So, when Image announces a new title from legendary comics writer Joe Casey, the pen behind titles such as Officer Downe and iconic runs on X-Men and Superman, and artist Ian MacEwan that is folklore horror based, that's cause for excitement. When it's further detailed that said title is about a Manhattan cab driver who who beats monsters into the pavement with an enchanted tire iron, that's when you get REALLY excited. Check out the full details below and get stoked, we'll keep you updated as more info is released!


PORTLAND, OR, 06/12/2018 — Fan favorite writer Joe Casey (SEX, NEW LIEUTENANTS OF METAL) and artist Ian MacEwan come together to weave modern mythology for a new generation in the forthcoming MCMLXXV launching this September. 

"This series is all about creating brand new iconography,” said Casey. “It's about creating a new kind of folk hero that speaks to where we all are right now. Oh yeah... it's also about smashing monsters into the pavement with an enchanted tire iron."

In MCMLXXV, readers meet Pamela Evans. Much more than a typical Manhattan cab driver, she also happens to be a badass monster-fighter. Welcome to the year of her greatest adventure. 

MacEwan added: "This is a book about big action in a mythic, haunted New York. It's about dim street lights that can't fight off the shadows, and who has to step in its place to hold back the tide of chaos."

MCMLXXV #1 (Diamond Code JUL180110) hits stores on Wednesday, September 12th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, August 20th.