THE LAST DRIVE-IN with Joe Bob Briggs Airs July 13th!

Whether you were a Monster Kid of the 1980s or a Blockbuster Kid of the 1990s, Joe Bob Briggs' name is synonymous with late night schlock cinema. A paragon of crass jokes, laser sharp genre analysis, and southern charm Joe Bob (the alter ego of John Bloom) was the introduction to this type of cinema for a complete generation. Myself included.

A Yankee-minded Texan, his brand of intersection of his own experience with these genre films helped me understand not only why I love these films, but also why they are important. And while the character that he crafted may not be to every persons crass taste, a character it nonetheless is. Joe Bob is a commentary on Southern ignorance juxtaposed with cinematic ignorance of B-movies. And he's back!

Shudder just premiered the first trailer for the 24 hour (!!!) marathon THE LAST DRIVE-IN! Check it out below:

Glorious! The full slate of films haven't been released, but we do know that he is kicking off the celebration with cult favorite TOURIST TRAP. Knowing Joe Bob though, it will sure to feature insane rarities and fan favorites alike that will hopefully garner a brand new audience for his brand of genre analysis. 

They say this is the "LAST DRIVE-IN", but like any good baddie at the end of a film, we know they'll never truly stay dead. But if this is Joe Bob's final ride into the sunset, let's show him off in style by tuning in to Shudder July 13th!