EX VOTO Is Revenge/Horror With A Philanthropic Bent

Sometimes a project comes to us that seems to embody the exact reason that we started Ghastly Grinning in the first place, to promote art with a genre bent that is more than just a film, play, or tv show. Art with a purpose, attempting to improve our world and deepen our understanding of others experiences through genre entertainment. And EX VOTO is exactly one of those projects.

Photo Credit- MarkusHartel.com

Photo Credit- MarkusHartel.com

EX VOTO, from the Kickstarter, is "a cerebral female revenge film set in working-class Mexico City, and centered on 17-year-old Mexicana Nayeli (played by Venice Film festival award-winning / Ariel award nominated Ruth Ramos) and how she finds her power following a brutal assault. While the film is set in CDMX, we're examining rape culture in patriarchal societies around the globe, and the relationship between gender and power on a universal scale."  How she finds her power is where the supernatural angle comes in, with the logline for the film describing the "local witch culture." so expect this tale to be heavily influenced by Wyrd/Folk Horror. 

The films is directed by Ashley George (Sometimes Forever, Outfest), written by Alonso Diaz-Rickards, with Production company Enfant & Poulet, and Producers Maya Korn and Diana Mata, with Production Design by Julieta Jimenez (Narcos, Queen of the South). The film stars Ruth Ramos, who you will recognize from her heartbreaking turn as the lead in 2016's The Untamed (LA REGIÓN SALVAJE) the harrowing creature-feature from Mexico with more than it's fair share of allusions to GG favorite Andrej Zulawski's Possession.

If a female-led, produced, and starring revenge film with elements of witchcraft isn't enough for you to already immediately want to see and support this film, it gets even better. While the creatives initially conceived this in response to the cataclysmic 2016 US elections, setting it in Mexico as a protest film, their research uncovered the rates of 'feminicidio' (femicide) in close-knit Catholic suburbs of Mexico City, giving their film a new sense of urgency.

They decided to partner with Casa De La Familia, a California based non-profit that supports female victims of trauma.

"Initially established in 1996 for victims of crimes such as human trafficking, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, child sexual, and physical abuse, CDLF's mission has expanded to providing counseling and support to individuals and families who have been impacted and affected by various types of trauma." 

As stated in the Kickstarter, all financial awards received will be dedicated to the organization.

We couldn't be more excited to see how this short film turns out. Check out the Kickstarter campaign video below, consider donating, and keep your eyes peeled here for updates about EX VOTO!