HALLOWEEN Trailer Drops!

Poor Ryan Turek. Over the last few weeks the guy just can't catch a break on the 'nets as Michael Myers fans clamor for our first glimpse at the new HALLOWEEN. I'm sure fielding the question "WHERE'S THAT TRAILER, TUREK?!" probably never got old, but luckily all that ends today because the trailer is here and, well, judge for yourself:

Directed by David Gordon Greene (George Washington, Prince Avalanche) and co-written by Danny McBride (Vice Principals, The Foot Fist WayHalloween picks up 40 years after the events of the original film, retconning all the subsequent sequels. Will there be nods/odes to the original sequels? We hope so but don't count on it, this is a whole new era for Laurie Strode and company. And frankly: we are so fucking ready. Halloween stalks into theatres this October!