GOOSEBUMPS 2: HAUNTED HALLOWEEN Trailer Drops; Here Are Some Creatures We Would Love To See

I've been reading Goosebumps, from master of adolescent terror R.L. Stine since the inaugural entry, Welcome to Dead House. I kept up throughout the entire original series, a vast amount of the Give Yourself Goosebumps choose-your-own-adventure format, and you're damn right that I watched the Goosebumps television show. Hence, when the Rob Letterman directed film adaptation of the series hit in 2015, starring Jack Black, I was trepidatious at first.


I thought the movie was bright and fun, exactly tapping into the audience it was looking to entertain, while also paying tribute to the nineties kid fans who were also rushing out to see it. A healthy dose of series staples, such as Slappy the dummy, the Shocker of Shock Street, and a familiar werewolf made it a thoroughly entertaining and fulfilling watch. The sequel was quickly green lit and rumors spun, suggesting a possible trip to Horrorland, or a deeper dive into Slappy's backstory. Now, we have an idea of what's going to happen as Sony has dropped the new trailer for the officially titled Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, which reveals a new cast of human characters but a returning set of monsters. Check out the trailer below and then a little list of some Goosebumps creations we want to come to life. Also, how damn cool is it that the movie is taking place ON HALLOWEEN. 


Amaz-O from Bad Hare Day

You know what is as fun as a Halloween theme? A magic show decor. Bad Hare Day has a lot of fun with magic gimmicks and although the hare is the star of the show on the cover, Amaz-O is the evil magician who wreaks havoc in the book. Or is he?


Beasts from The Beast From The East

Muscle bound, blue and purple, koala type creatures that play a deadly game of tag. That could be an entire movie itself, especially since the creatures have special abilities, are honor bound, and the game consists of different levels and stages.


Creeps from Calling All Creeps

The "creeps" are strange reptilian creatures that can turn other people into creeps as well. They have a...creepy (I know, I did it) phone call gimmick that could add a real dose of more teenage level horror into the film. Come on, you know you want a hissing reptile voice asking "what's your favorite scary movie."


The Grool from It Came From Beneath The Sink

Okay, yes, it's definitely a kid friendly movie. If you wanted to get darker though, real play with that kinder-trauma aspect, the Grool is the way to go. Sure, it may just be a spongelike creature that lives under the sink but it also FEEDS ON DESPAIR. That's some Clive Barker level horror there.


King Jellyjam from The Horror At Camp Jellyjam

The King is a giant purple blob who wears a crown and makes children his slaves. He is so large that his stench is gut punching and he can barely move or do things on his own. Similar to the blob from the the first film, Jellyjam could easily be a final villain of sorts.


The Masked Mutant from Attack of The Mutant

I won't lie, the Masked Mutant is definitely my personal favorite. A comic book super villain who can take the form of anything solid, LOTS of fun could be had with the mutant. Sure, deception comes easy which could provide some twists and turns but really it's his bright color scheme and excellent costume that make him extra appealing for an on-screen appearance. 

Images provided by Sony Pictures and Scholastic Books