Billy Ray Brewton Demands You SHOW YOURSELF

Since the dawn of horror, the woods are have always been a frightening habitat. Like an ocean on land, the scattered tree limbs and seemingly endless waves of dirt, trees and brush are an easy way to create the same anxiety that space and the sea create. It's the fear of the unknown, and in Show Yourself, the new indie horror thriller from Billy Ray Brewton, that same unknown becomes more and more terrifying as it reveals itself. Available on Amazon nowShow Yourself is hitting Google Play, Xbox Live and home release August 14th!

Check out the trailer and full synopsis below!

Following an award-winning run on the festival circuit, Billy Ray Brewton's Show Yourself is making its national VOD and DVD debut this summer. The grief-infused thriller world premiered at Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival in Chicago, where Bloody Disgusting praised "the script's clever meta-textual moments and genuine human emotion." The film went on to screen at the Chattanooga Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival, Skyline Indie Film Festival, Toronto Indie Horror Film Festival, Splat!Fest, and the Nashville Film Festival, where Brewton took home the Graveyard Shift Audience Choice Award.  

When his friend Paul dies unexpectedly, Travis heads into the woods to say goodbye. As Travis deals with his grief, and the way it has affected the relationships in his life, he starts to realize that he actually might not be alone in the woods. Curiosity turns to horror as Travis comes face-to-face with something both inexplicable and frighteningly familiar.

Ben Hethcoat (The Babysitter Murders, Dead Dad) stars as a grieving friend who goes deep into the woods to process his loss.  Hethcoat is joined by a supporting cast including Corsica Wilson (L.A. Macabre), Barak Hardley ("Halt and Catch Fire"), Clancy McCartney ("Chicago Fire"), David McElwee ("Boardwalk Empire"), Stephen Cone (Henry Gamble's Birthday Party) and Robert Longstreet (Pineapple Express).