Christmas in July: Five Films To Give You Chills Before Winter Hits

It’s the middle of July, and I’m sweating just thinking about going outside. Although I wish it were Halloween, I know plenty of people who are already skipping straight to the Christmas hype. We are smack in the middle of those Christmas in July sales, after all. If you’re looking to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year a tad early, you might be tempted to toss on Black Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night or Gremlins. But, if you’re looking for something a little new to spike the rum punch, here are five Christmas horror films you might want to see.




The town of Bailey Downs’ radio DJ Dangerous Dan (played by William Shatner) takes us through this anthology film. Need I say more? This 2015 film showcases four shorts, ranging from a Krampus and Santa Claus showdown to zombie elves, A Christmas Horror Story really is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s fitting that this film takes place in the same fictional town as the one in the Ginger Snaps films, as this one’s another horrifically fantastic flick. Don’t worry, no elves were harmed in the making of this film.



Four daughters are left reeling after their mother’s sudden death and father’s subsequent remarriage to his mistress. This made for TV movie tells the story of the suspicion surrounding the new stepmother, who is allegedly poisoning the family patriarch to death. The intense family drama turned slasher offers up great performances from Jessica Walter, Sally Field, and the late Walter Brennan. The exploration of grief, parental love, and emotional abuse makes this a horrific holiday film, perfect for any early Christmas festivities.





This Finnish film is another entry on this list that uses the idea of a monstrous Santa Claus. A group of foreign excavators masquerading as seismic researchers find something buried atop of Korvatunturi mountain. As a group of locals come to find out, the cheerful Santa Claus featured in Coke advertisements is far from reality. This fantasy horror film’s action-packed finale brings the fun to this snowy suspenseful movie.



Dee Wallace stars in this film about a widow who tries to bring her family together for he holidays, only to end up shielding them from a deformed killer who’s ready to exact his revenge. A bloody good time follows, along with an interesting twist. I won’t give it away, but I will say it feels like this film is trying to make a point about something. I have yet to figure out what it is. Give this violent film a watch though, if only for the kills and Dee Wallace.


SINT (2010)


Sint, or the English translation, Saint, is a Dutch horror flick. In this film Sinterklaas, the Dutch figure Santa Claus is based on, is a ghost who returns from the dead to slaughter large numbers of people on his annual celebration night when it happens on a full moon. As you can imagine, brutal yet festive fun ensues. This film takes the route of a gritty cop drama at times, but Santa as a boogeyman makes Sint a creepy take on Dutch tradition.