Review: ANOTHER WOLFCOP is Another Round Of Hair-Raising Mayhem

Oh, Canada, our home, and horrored land! We just left a week of celebrating our country because America F#CK Yeah, but lest we not forget our brothers and sisters to the north who also recently celebrated Canada Day! I am an unabashed fan of Canada as a horror fan because if you look at the lexicon of horror movies we hold true and dear to our hearts and legends we tell our children most of them are either filmed there, birthed the boogeyman and survivors of our beloved films or were written by crazy canucks! In most recent years our northern friends are the ONLY place to get new films that are reminiscent of the insane FX driven exploitation on a low or big budget scale that would do Joe Dante and Savage Steve Holland proud. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, Turbo Kid, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and now a hero to define a generation in assholishness on the dick level of Ashley J. Williams himself. Not there hero we want or need but the hero we have. Lou Garou as THE WOLFCOP! When Wolfcop hit I was prepared for everything in that title to be presented within the film with the utmost blood, depravity, ridiculousness, and canucksploitation I yearned for. It hit it all! It took me two viewings to completely appreciate the gift I had just seen because as it was everything I wanted I wasn’t prepared for the DIY spirit the film had. The ending wasn’t as fully realized as I would’ve hoped but upon my second viewing with that DIY spirit in mind I had a ton o fun with it, so of course, once a sequel was announced simply titled ANOTHER WOLFCOP, I was prepared for a fun movie. Any complaint I had with the original just being fun and not fully realized I sit here typing eating my own words as they blew it out of the water with this film using that Sam Raimi like DIY spirit but delivering even more on dialogue, comedy, and FX that work on so many levels for what it is. This is the sequel that doesn’t disappoint!

Evil businessman Swallows (Oh yes, his name is Swallows) has come to Woodhaven in league with the shapeshifters from the previous film to take over the town! He has tricked everyone into thinking he's the great savior bringing jobs back to the town with the Darkstar brewery and bringing them everything they could want with a new venue for their beloved hockey team! His Chicken Milk stout has an evil secret that will tear the town apart and it's up to the Wolfcop and his team to fight shapeshifters, monsters and a hockey team to save their beloved town!

The opening of the film starts off with a badass chase scene between some robbers in a getaway truck and the WolfCop as he tears through each crook in the van in a spectacularly gory manner as Sergeant Tina utters one of my favorite lines at the Wolfcop after he decides to steal some Liquor Donuts, “I can put up with a lot, but stealing donuts? That's a new low.” all the while Wolfcop is sitting there with his huge wolf dork out. Canadian as hell as Come All Ye Faithful by Twisted Sister plays over the title card. THAT'S HOW YOU OPEN A MOVIE. This sequence cements what a badass cop Lou has become and what you're in store for because even though as the WolfCop he started kicking ass and taking names he still didn’t really care as much whereas throughout this movie he chugaloos and polices whether he's wolf or man and has an HQ! 

The ensemble in this movie is sheer brilliance. The only balanced character that plays everything straight is Sergeant Tina who has the job of keeping the peace and making sure everyone stays on task and in the dark about the situation at hand which gives way to some amazingly comedic moments. Amy Matysio needs a damn award for keeping such a straight face watching everything go down around her because it's her grounded serious performance that really elevates the insanity of the scenery. Willie is back! We remember at the end of the first film, Lou’s best bud Willie actually turned out to be a shapeshifter in disguise, but they explain fairly quickly what became of him in a very messed up conspiracy theorist sequence. Willie really is the best damn sidekick ever, even when he’s got monstrous problems of his own he’s still got jokes out the ass that if you like the comedy of trailer park boys he’s pretty much like one of them. Proud wannabe Canadian Kevin Smith also comes in as mayor of Woodhaven, Bubba Rich. If you like Kevin Smith’s standup or podcasts they pretty much let him do that as a mayor with one of the best beer slogans for a beer called Chicken Milk, “Slam a cold cock in your mouth!” With that beautiful Kevin Smith smile! There is one more character that Serena Miller plays named Kat. She plays Lou’s love interest in a very weird and somehow obvious way. I don’t want to spoil it, but let me just say if you thought the jail sex scene from the first film was a lot, then you aren’t prepared for what happens between Kat and Lou.

Speaking of making things more extreme than the original, Can they top the transformation scene from the first movie where the Wolfcop explodes out of Lou’s dick? No, but they definitely have a rather cool transformation scene filmmaking wise where Willie is having a transformation problem thanks to Darkstar putting a little monster in him while Lou tears off his face and chugs a beer into his wolf form while another monster created by Darkstar pillages a strip club. It’s a lot of crazy intercuts with insane things happening in them. As Lou comes home to transform, Willie has something growing out of him very reminiscent of Alien, but it happens to be a monster growing out of his dick that reminds me of the dick monster from Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, however, this dick monster has Willie’s same redneck attitude and Bubba mustache. Darkstar has sent out a machine/zombie monster called Frank to go out and stop the Wolfcop, so where does he go? A strip club of course and starts ravaging the place just when the lap dances are getting good to get Lou’s attention. We have all of that going on in a really awesomely edited sequence as each character is “Birthed” into the film. 

This insanity all culminates into a final battle in the most Canadian way as The Wolfcop in hockey gear battles evil masked hockey players, tearing them to shreds, riding Zambonis, heavy metal and three cheerleaders beating the shit out of someone. Oh yes! Let's not forget explosions and maiming! If you felt like me that the first film fell flat a little bit, then you are in for the overhaul! This flick is filled with anything and everything an exploitation gorehound could ever want and has some of the best damn FX ever! The Hobo with a Shotgun has a run for his money with The Wolfcop and as Kevin Smith says in the film, “A WolfCop. That’s goddamn metal!” You NEED to go pick up Another WolfCop now and do yourself a favor for a good night of beer, donuts, and beheadings as our northern friends have cooked up another Canadian Classic for the ages!