Horror Journalist BJ Colangelo Launches Patreon For DAY OF THE WOMAN Return

Listen, if you're a fan of the genre (or wrestling) and you don't know the name BJ Colangelo, then I don't know what rock you're hiding under. BJ is an insanely talented film theory analyst and journalist, as well as a well versed fan of professional wrestling and horror, and that's all piled on top of the fact that she's just a really good human being.

Well, luckily for us, BJ is relaunching DAY OF THE WOMAN, her blog that was a haven for horror fans who were looking for answers to many questions that plague us when it comes to the movies we love. Whether it's the critical analysis of a beloved (or forgotten) film or the harsh truth we need regarding socio-poltical issues in relation to a movie we are a fan of, BJ has the answers. We're extremely excited to help her in announcing the DAY OF THE WOMAN Patreon, where we can now help BJ continue her insightful and unique critiques on the world of cinema while also accruing some of her much due credit, in recognition and pay each. 

It's easy. Head over to her Patreon and pick a tier. For a measly dollar a month, you can get access to all her public articles, as well as revisiting articles from prior years of Day of the Woman. Kick it up another four bucks, so five bucks a month, and you have access TO EVERYTHING. Every blog. Every article. Every meme. YES THERE WILL BE MEMES! Lastly, for just TEN DOLLARS, you can suggest a topic for BJ to cover. Yes, any question you may have, or film you want her to analyze, just a ten spot and her fantastic prose will be employed to look over a film or question of your choice.

Let's support horror in every facet. It's harder and harder for journalists to make it, especially in the niche genre theme, but we can help one of the best for just a few bucks. Let's rally and make it happen!