Red Band Trailer For THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS Promises A Wacky, Violent Good Time

I love when worlds collide. Plain and simple, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is one of my favorite films ever, any time The Muppets coincide with humans is hilarious to me and hell, I even like Cool World. That's why I think The Happytime Murders looks like a ton of fun. A little bit Avenue Q, a little bit Meet the Feebles, the cast and trailers have me ready for more. 

I've actually seen a lot of feedback online about how it relies to much on the humor of "it's funny because they're puppets." 

Um. Yes. That is why. Brian Henson is taking advantage of the fact that the mass public views Muppet-like puppets in a certain light thanks to Jim Henson and pushing that in a raunchy direction. Plus, the physics and goofiness that can be applied to puppets that can't with humans makes for a lot of wiggle room. 

I don't know. Maybe I'm just glass half full guy. I definitely agree...the joke IS because it's a puppet doing things we wouldn't expect of them. But I also love the idea of a puppet and a human having to team up to solve a few homicides. Plus, THAT CAST. Melissa McCarthy fatigue aside (which I don't have, weirdly reinvigorated by the recent Life of the Party) but starring alongside Joel McHale, Maya Rudolph and Elizabeth Banks. That's a whole lot of funny. Check out the new trailer below!