Chance The Rapper Vehicle SLICE Drops A Trailer AND WE ARE HYPE!

It's no secret that I've been hyping Slice up for some time now. I'm a massive fan of the work that Austin Vesely and Chance the Rapper have already done together, with Vesely directing the videos for Chance's songs "No Problems" and "Angels", among a handful of other artists videos. The vision he has is crisp, unique and clear and he's a huge fan of the genre. (I highly suggest following him on Twitter, he's a blast.)

A24 had announced they picked it up and they've been releasing some truly amazing posters, parodying pizza chain logos with the tagline "Dead. In 30 Minutes or Less."

I'm a hip-hop fan and think Chance is one of the most original voices in the genre right now, so seeing him on board with Vesely for a feature film with a plot that is 1000% percent up my alley has had me excited for months. 

When originally announced details were scarce but we knew it had to do with a pizza delivery, a werewolf and a town for the weird and undead definitely existed. Now that we have the trailer, we know a lot more and also HOLY SHIT ZAZIE BEATS AND JOE KEERY ARE IN THIS MOVIE TOO.

God damn, that's exciting. Some more plot details have been laid out too. We know that some pizza boys have been murdered (possibly by a werewolf?) and two other delivery guys decided to track down the killers. The trailer is bright, whacky, and everything I want from a movie with this premise. Seriously, I'm just so effing excited. Find the trailer below and can I see your tickets? That's right, your tickets for the hype train.