DEAD LOVE Is Striking And Creative Enough To Hold Your Attention Throughout

People come into your life at the most random of times. You may end up meeting your best friend or the love of your life tomorrow and you will have no idea today. Life is unpredictable in that way. Sure life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but it sometimes brings along the dark times that we would like to forget from the moment they happen.

Dead Love (aka A Song for the Living) tells the tale of a train engineer named Brandon (Grayson Low) who has his life rocked when his mother takes her own life. At the funeral home, a mortician assistant named Fiona (Nicole Elizabeth Olson) finds the suicide note from Brandon’s mother and falls for him through her writing. She is smitten, but Brandon is unaware of her love for him and even her existence.


The head funeral director, Caterina (Kate Linder), knows of Fiona’s feelings towards Brandon. When Brandon is trying to buy a casket for his mother, he realizes the one he likes is out of his budget. As a gift, Caterina gives the casket to Brandon at a discounted rate in exchange that he joins them for dinner. He agrees. At the dinner table, Brandon meets Caterina’s husband Lassiter (Bob Buckley), who is ill mannered towards Brandon. After the crew find out Brandon has a background in music, Fiona breaks out into a folk tune that catches the attention of Brandon more than before.

Much to the chagrin of Lassiter, the two start seeing each other more romantically after Fiona goes a tad stalkeratzi on Brandon’s life. She is the only one who Brandon lets in after his mom passes, and is the only woman who gives him any sort of loving attention is this depressing time of his life. This is a huge blow for Lassiter when he finds out about this budding romance as has he himself is an admirer of Fiona.

As they say in the movie “Even in tragedy has its happy coincidences.” When a passionate romance ensues, we’re taken into a world of Excision like dreams and the revelation of deep dark secrets that are concealed by Fiona and her “family”. Her love for Brandon goes above and beyond to the point where an “I love you” is dropped very quickly at the start of their relationship. The truth is revealed about Fiona’s intentions and Brandon’s life is rocked yet again.

Dead Love may have not been my cup of tea, but I can definitely see how many people with have a liking to this. Striking and creative visuals project the viewer through emotional whereabouts that the character is going through at that time. Camera angles put you in an eerie position and you can feel the tension in scenes. These are some really redeeming qualities to the movie. Unfortunately for myself, the plot is a little lackluster with questionable dialogue. I couldn’t fully get into the movie, yet I couldn’t turn away.

Dead Love (aka A Song for Living) is directed by the tag team Colin Floom and Greg Nemer. It is available on VOD now.