Dread Central Presents Continue Their Diverse Horror Slate With LASSO

Everyone loves slashers. Found footage is everywhere. Creature features, though spotty now, had a heyday. You know what we need more of, though? Western horror. 

Think about it. Near DarkFrom Dusk 'Til DawnVampires. We have a lot of fun when our favorite genre branches into the wild wild west. 

Dread Central Presents has been proving over and over again that they are doing their damndest to really create a diverse, eclectic group of horror cinema and they've done a great job so far. Whether it's the essential horror doc To Hell And Back or the trippy sci-fi Imitation Girl, Dread Central is giving fans a lot of quality content. 

Now enter Lasso. I mean, how fucking cool does a "RODEO RITUAL" sound. I just love the idea of that mythos. Scope the details and the trailer below!

New trailer revealed for Dread Central Presents’ LASSO

U.S. Release date set to November 13th

Los Angeles, CA (July 31st, 2018) – Epic Pictures’ horror label Dread Central Presents sets the U.S. release date of LASSO to November 13th and reveals a new trailer to Evan Cecil’s Western-themed slasher.

From Dragonfly Films, LASSO, produced by Elaine Gibson, Todd Myers and Evan Cecil, stars Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints), Lindsey Morgan (The 100),Karen Grassle (Little House on the Prairie) and Andrew Jacobs (Paranormal Activity).

The horror flick centers around Kit (Morgan) and Simon (Jacobs), two young leaders of an Active Senior Tour group, out on an adventure to a small-town Rodeo festival located deep in the woods. It’s a great experience for the group ... until they try to leave. Simon and Kit must save themselves, and whatever seniors they can, from becoming victims of a deadly Rodeo Ritual. Along the way they join up with another unexpected group of victims, including a one-armed cowboy, Ennis (Flanery), Rosheen, the Rodeo queen, and Trish, a powerhouse female bull rider. Together the group must fight to survive the night from relentless bloodthirsty cowboys on the hunt for human livestock.

In the UK, LASSO will premiere at FrightFest in London on August 25th.