Hex Studios Breaks Into The Webisode Game With NETFL!X AND KILL

You will never find an argument from the Ghastly Grinning staff that Hex Media is truly doing some of the best work in independent horror right now. Everything they've done with the Owlman and the Kickstarter campaigns they have successfully funded prove that they're passionate workhorses we should be keeping an eye on.

Luckily for us, Sarah Daly is the best and clued us in on their new web series that does everything British horror does best. Smart, casual humor with sardonic wit. Three episodes are already available at the Hex Media Youtube channel. The official synopsis can be found below and make sure you check it out! It's four minutes of horror fueled laughter every week!

Kick Back This Weekend With Twisted New Web Series NETFL!X AND KILL

NETFL!X AND KILL tells the unlikely story of a psychopath and his victim... who spend all day sitting around watching television. Pitched as 'Gogglebox with a horror twist,' the web series is the first production under the Bubble Wrap Creations mantle, a partnership between Shenton and producer Baptiste Charles.

The series reunites the award-winning director with Adam Rhys-Davies and Nic Lamont, stars of her hugely popular horror feature EGOMANIAC. 

According to Kate, “NETFL!X AND KILL is inspired by my love for British TV comedy, shows like The Royle Family, Fawlty Towers, Extras, Blackadder, and basically anything by Victoria Wood. For NETFL!X AND KILL, I wanted to make something that had that classic British television comedy feel – but adding a horror twist to it!”

The first two episodes of the 8-part series will drop on Hex Studios' YouTube channel on Saturday the 4th of August, with a new episode screening each week. With more than 200,000 subscribers, the Hex Studios YouTube channel is fast becoming the go-to channel for indie horror, from their viral Owlman prank videos to creepypasta tales, original web-series and even feature films. 

Hex Studios head Lawrie Brewster sees an exciting future for the channel as a “massive and still growing platform for unique, independent voices in the horror genre. We believe 100% in Kate Shenton's talent and vision, and we're excited to be able to share her twisted creations with as wide an audience as possible!”