Trailer Debut For Netflix Exclusive APOSTLE, Which Just Seems Too Good To Be True

Did you see The Guest?

Okay, if you answered no, just go see The Guest. It’s a must. Now, right now. It’s such a god damn treat.

Now that you’re done with that, you’ll understand just another one of the many reasons that we should all be WAY STOKED on Netflix’s new revenge horror-thriller Apostle, from Godzilla (2014) and The Raid director Gareth Evans. I mean, that’s enough right there. Gareth Evans. The Raid is one of the most innovative and already ripped off action movies of the last decade, Godzilla was an absolute treat and Rogue One had no right being that good when we all knew the ending going in. Evans is truly a unique and innovative director. He’s big time.

Throw in Dan Stevens, one of the most underrated, on the brink, dynamic actors of our time. His work in The Guest, Legion, and Beauty and the Beast have all been outstanding displays of range and variety and plus, he’s super attractive. So you know, bonus. Plus, The Guest is one of the most incredible small scale thrillers I’ve ever seen.


So yeah, give me ALLLLLL OF THIS. It’s got cults, it’s got revenge, it’s got a machine that might break your hands. It’s going to be incredible, debuting at the upcoming Fantastic Fest before dropping right in front of us on Netflix on October 12th. Peep the trailer and deets below!



“Your god can’t help you”

Below please find the world premiere debut of the trailer for Netflix’s chilling horror/thriller APOSTLE, starring Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen, and written & directed by Gareth Evans (THE RAID).

APOSTLE will have its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX this Friday before debuting globally on Netflix on October 12


CAST | Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton, Mark Lewis Jones, Bill Milner, Kristine Froseth, Paul Higgins and Michael Sheen

PRODUCERS | Aram Tertzakian, Ed Talfan

GLOBAL RELEASE DATE | On Netflix on October 12

SYNOPSIS | London, 1905. Prodigal son Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) has returned home, only to learn that his sister is being held for ransom by a religious cult. Determined to get her back at any cost, Thomas travels to the idyllic island where the cult lives under the leadership of the charismatic Prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen). As Thomas infiltrates the island's community, he learns that the corruption of mainland society that they claim to reject has infested the cult's ranks nonetheless - and uncovers a secret far more evil than he could have imagined. Written and directed by Gareth Evans (THE RAID), APOSTLE is a harrowing occult fable where the only thing more horrifying than madness is the sinister reality behind it.


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