ALAN WAKE Television Adaptation In Production

Variety has reported, per Remedy Games and Contradiction Films, that an Alan Wake adaptation for the small screen is coming our way. The Cloak & Dagger and Legion showrunner Peter Calloway will act as showrunner and game creator/writer Sam Lake (Max Payne, Alan Wake) will serve as executive producer for the show.

Contradiction says the plan is to start shipping the series this fall and that they’ve already seen a number of interested parties.

Alan Wake released in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and was itself influenced strongly by a number of thriller shows like The Twilight Zone, Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks. The game itself incorporates small bits of live action in-universe television shows such as Twin Peaks spoof “Night Springs”. The game follows author Alan Wake as he investigates the sudden disappearance of his wife Alice while on vacation in the Pacific Northwest as Wake discovers a supernatural conspiracy surrounding an area known as Cauldron Lake. The game had a small digital follow up title “Alan Wake’s American Nightmare” which did not wrap up many of the main titles unanswered questions or serve as a satisfying conclusion to Wake’s story.

Fans have since waited for a sequel or follow up title, and while Remedy has released one title since and have a new game coming early next year, this will be the first new Alan Wake project since 2012’s DLC release.

Given the current success of thriller/horror and mystery television programming it seems likely that Alan Wake work soon be making its debut.  

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