WE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE Debuting At LA Film Fest On September 22nd

Shirley Jackson is often considered one of the most important figures in horror fiction. Her works have influenced generations of writers and creators and now we have a new adaptation coming our way.

Ladies and gentlemen, oh my stars and garters, this cast is incredible. IN. CRED. I. BLE.

Sebastian Stan, the Winter Solider himself, is on board. Rising stars Alexandra Daddario and Taissa Farmiga, both well versed in genre affair, are bringing their talent to the table and the legend himself, Crispin Glover. We really don’t get to see that brilliant weirdo enough.

unnamed (1).jpg

We Have Always Lived In The Castle tells the story of a family who live in isolation after a series of tragic events from years earlier. When their cousin comes to visit and attempts to steal the family fortune, dark secrets resurface. Stacy Passon is directing and it will be her first full length feature since Concussion in 2013. After years of very solid television entires, for series such as American Gods, Billions and The Affair, she’s back for a feature and with this story and cast, it’s an absolutely exciting venture.

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The film is debuting September 22nd at the L.A. Film Festival, so put it on your most anticipated, this looks like a sleeper hit for sure.